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beijing an daytime tour

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PostPosted: Mon 6:04, 14 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing an daytime tour

According to legend, there were 9 lions in ancient times to the big rock feel, look here, great landscape to live down here, and presently they have eaten entire the beasts approximately, and then will linger starving, so they stay in the deliberations Under a lion, and the repose are worked, but nobody of nine lions only hope to leave here, so they argue, and then blows up, not by killing the small exertion is to run the other gathering, and eventually left with only 1 male and feminine two lions, well-matched, no less than the rivalry between, has been fighting the seventy-seven forty-nine days, the last masculine lion was vanquished, and lioness are tired and prologue the jaws breathing, panting panting, it hardens the body, and change into a mountain, the hair into a mountain of trees, the slope of the tail into a large rock afterward to the stalagmite, dilating the mouth into the Lion Rock. After the big sleep by Zen Temple in Hangzhou wander distant, see here beautiful scenery, mountain deep calm, away from the globe, is a good location for self-cultivation, ambition be in the temple, Dharma, and changed its name to a massive rock feel, still in use .
There are Buddhist caves of magnificent enlightenment come true, strong annoy feel large rock temples, temple was created in Chatham and the first year of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (326), dating behind over 1,600 years of history. A thousand years, destroyed several times Hing, the final demolished the "Cultural Revolution" in 1985, approved by the county government reconstruction is open to the first temple Zixi County. Temple namely now the big slumber by the cavity fashion, has a Main Hall, Kwun Yam Temple, in personalty of Dian, builder of four lobbies of the house,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], erection area of 1,600 square meters, there are 40 plastic sculptures. There is also a great enlightened Temple east of the three 3.2 m high stone spire, cried the "stone pagoda edge."
Goddess of Mercy Temple is a large sense the chief temple, the Goddess of Mercy during the three holiday (February 19 Yin Christmas Day, June 19 Yin Cheng Road Day, September 19 he became a monk Guan Yin), up the mountain to worship and tourists flock. Rock is not only a great sense of Buddhist shrines, but also a tourist destination. Big Rock is the best heart feel scenic spots. Unique scenic natural prettiness, Qifeng menu, the shape great, be called a party must win. A poet wrote: Majestic Lion Rock, a excellent magical folklore; early birds listened peals and drums sound, night view of the sundown pilgrims sound; sunrise sunshine cave, full of sweet-smelling in the Temple; often in the mountains in spring , assorted stones in the awesome scenery. All around the scene, surrounded by beautiful, has been proven 66 attractions, including the "twice bougie Stone", "the approve of the tip",[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "Lu Tung-pin reading hole", "beautiful spring" the most matchless and beautiful sounding legend. Many passengers left the ink, which boast the "best in the world the superb rock wonderland." In 2000, Zixi County People's Government of the big rock feel embodied tourism development planning, and strive through 3-5 years to build it into the Buddhist culture, normal scenery and cultural landscape in one of the scenic blots, tourist attraction guests all directions , Buddha worship,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and leisure.
Daigakuji Town Wu Jialing Xu in the east Guangchang County, an zone of 2000 square meters, construction space of 1,500 square meters, 18 monks and nuns and management staff. Twenty-two years the monastery was built in Song Shaoxing (1152), this deposit permitted either built in Ming Dynasty, distinct late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of the architectural style. The early days of New China, the air dwindled Daigakuji cases, there are dozens of monks and nuns, the mid-50's, monks and nuns to return to secular life was dissolved, followed at Temple and its landlords. Early 90s, Guangchang County People's Government to implement the Party's religious plan, accepted Daigakuji to open the temple. The patronize of the divisions cared, the right real estate Daigakuji likewise been properly addressed. At this point, Daigakuji Zen Buddhism and then Revitalisation.
Daigakuji is a well-known both inside and outside the temple. The reason it understood outside the province, which with his Buddha, rhyme, weathering, Bricks related.
Buddha Vision is a magical aura Daigakuji. Wen six years (1867) "Guangchang" record: the middle of the Song Dynasty had a Buddha, from the river down, and then opposition the stream and above. Buddha can be against the present, this is actually a curious object. So, human will be statues by the entrance called the "Buddha orifice," and will stop by the Buddha called the "Buddha present source." Zhao Yanbo judge that is built Daigakuji orifice, Yongxing Temple Buddha current source was built, that the wizardry story of the ancient Buddha Vision, in Fu widespread upstream, to a certain amplitude, amend the visibility of Daigakuji, set aboard a membrane of magic to the Daigakuji color.
Daigakuji's name is also extraordinary, full of Buddhist mores of the rhyme. Believers Q: What is the meaning of great enlightenment? It have to first know the "Buddha" meaning of the word. Foji is the "Buddha" because short. Buddha is the antique Indian word, the ancient word, and it added three Buddhist meaning: First, enlightenment, namely is the true face of anything, ecology, shape, neither increasing nor decreasing to feel a truthful; Second, sleep, etc. or over the felt, no merely their own feeling, merely also equally feel that he would grant others to worship Buddha consciousness towards the good; third is analogous to, alternatively supreme consciousness, which is aware of the wisdom and power lines to reach the maximum and maximum complete of the state. This is great awakening Dawu, salvation! In short, the "big sleep" is the maximum class of Buddhist worship.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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