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beijing excursion package

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PostPosted: Fri 11:00, 11 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing excursion package

After Emperor Kangxi again to Jietai and heading plaque for the Temple together essays, Main Hall, "Wisdom without a authorize," the curtate pill and "Zen like a mirror the moon to linger, Yun Song Huang Zhen-dance manner as" couplets, and ring sets hall "clear advising" board are from the hand of Emperor Kangxi.
Qianlong Emperor on several occasions to Jietai crumble, leaving back many calligraphy artworks. Main Hall of the "community of Hong Lin Lin", alarm Taiwan hall of the "tree of sophisticated architectures" are two pieces of plaque from the hands of Emperor Qianlong. Original Qianfo Ge "Zhi Guang bright" board, "Chloranthus premonitory SG, person talent Fu; glass open net domain, hue by reference" of the couplets is from the Qianlong Emperor's penmanship, but with the havoc of Qianfo Ge has been does not exist.
The maximum outstanding archaic temple cloves, namely the year while Emperor Qianlong Dichu Tour Jietai Temple thespians Extraordinary mandate to remove the garden from the park transplanted. And the Qianlong Emperor for "activities Song" namely a soft blot, and several of its poems, carved aboard an side of the stone pine activities.
Guangxu years (1884), Woodland 䜣 exhausted of the power of administration and divided, chose to stay away from political unrest, came to the Jietai privacy, this is the decade-long stay. Yi 䜣 to Jietai, immediately conducted a large-scale upkeep of Jietai, the most bold of which is a silence courtyard off the nice, which is today's "Peony Court," the hospital has also maintained the Woodland 䜣 "Huiju Tang," the plaque genuine. Peony Court faces south, separated by decorated second gate connected to its architectural style and distinctive fusion of southern garden craft, and now this "temple of the Garden", has preserved its attitude of the year after renovation Yi Xin. Among a kind of garden planted with rare peony, peony are those of the Qianlong emperor's Yuci, and some introduction to Prince Gong's Mansion, flowers have reached age 200 years, and no deficit of black peonies, peonies and additional infrequent varieties of Melaleuca. Now,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], here is one of the most smart locations Jietai.
Tan Xinpei is a famous Beijing Opera artist, Tanpai author of the dynasty 2 decades (1894) spring, the old monk Jietai Abbot Sheng find under the seat by 5 Jingjie. Tan is very familiar in the Buddhist, people cry him Tan Jushi. He ordained, the several contributions to the construction of the temple hall. It is precisely for such a relationship Jietai Tan and Tan Sheng in his lifetime had told the old monk's disciples made wonderful old man, left his body buried in Jietai fancy. Tan Miao Buddhist devotees kas long asthe original aim of the elderly, when the contribution along to his Jietai willing to take chapter in the incense Jietai 12 acres of land to Tan fix the tomb and planted hundreds of trees in the garden cypress and poplar and at the cemetery approximately the corner stands a bluestone pillar, inscribed "British show lobby."
Qing period, Jietai had lived out of a 128-year-old "antique birthday", he is the Master Clear Lake. Clear Lake, a priest from the old of 16 later the Jietai everyday psalming "Medicine along the" day and night. Dynasty, between the wizardry of Jietai abbot monk queried him why the day and night, hymning "Medicine by the" year in and year? Clear Lake Master said, constantly chanting "by pharmacists" can enjoy life 128 years old. Sixteen years of a reign, the winter nightly, the wizardry of the abbot by the Buddhist temple to meditate, I suddenly listened footsteps outside clutter and fast out of view, I do no know what happened, but did not look anything, idea marveling, suddenly look Clear Lake cottage living for not reason with the Master from the fire, wonderful people of the abbot shouted fire quickly, fire is out,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the house in Clear Lake, the embodiment of the Master has been in the fire worked. After the excellent view of the abbot of the Clear Lake Master Dudie, wit, the native Clear Lake Master really live 128 years. Later, had set out to jot poetry Ying Chan said: "Lonely Dream annoy India, Mao Hui industry Heights cultivated, ego Suizi, and not off no life. White's 1st argument by the righteousness, Ching Lin Wu-law process,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a centenary Buddhist chanting suffering through the ages intellectual light. "
Dynasty, twenty six annuals, eight-scored in Beijing, the capital into a dread, the Empress Dowager Cixi to dodge carrying Emperor Xian, powerful well-off tenants who have also fled. Jietai Results have numerous friends many of the human are convinced that the Buddha Jietai come true, you can congratulate them survived the disaster, which fled Jietai. Then became a refuge Jietai virtually come up to a thousand people had taken refuge, including the second son of Prince Kung Ying a set.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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