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beijing an daytime tour

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PostPosted: Fri 7:47, 18 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing an daytime tour

Smoke upon precious to snuff Qingwen decorated with "Western enamel yellow hair naked woman, Liang Lei pork have wings", very pretty, and in fact this namely an saint sculpture. In short, the incoming snuff namely very infrequent, initially as a savant and an artistic dignitaries agreeable, and expensive gifts as a award. In addition, sniffing snuff to entertain visitors, expressing joint friendship and adore. Kangxi heyday of the mid-snuff. Qing Xun, "Jing Mountain Poetry" in the "golden crumbs flying pipa trampled, smelling slightly Xiang Wu from the Department.
Haike bargains to cost per cable, a lofty lawful when a dagger towards the buffet," the poem. Shunzhi years, snuff premier appeared in the castle, the throne to discern this object, no only feel fresh, and the smell of fun to Qishe hookah, opium do not cloud, and smells to snuff. King cheerful, his snuff reward to the Minister, from castle official house of the ministers heard from snuff to everyone. Later, snuff have spread, not only human such as Minister of Government House Press snuff, even the folk in the small and media Yamen from snuff to listen. Emperor Kangxi, an unintended, intrauterine see smoke library eunuchs, the dozens of jugs of blooming jasmine in smoke database string to mean namely Emperor Kangxi did not smell this smoke is not only reproach, yet very cheerful. Ordered alien cigarettes smoked with jasmine. And the appoint "Emperor Lu." After the middle of Kangxi, snuff smoke smell in the folk customs gradually spread, Qing Dynasty, Beijing snuff mart a lot, concentrated in the front gate Dashilan, Fusi, Drum Tower, Chong Wai Street and additional areas. There were prominent Drum Tower street, "Wang opened wide," "Yi Lan and", Chongwen street alley towel cap "public interest and", "public and" other snuff shop. One front door Dashilan "Heaven LOH vegetarian" is Beijing's most notable snuff shop.
Snuff as a cultural phenomenon, there are still people left in the migrate, the age section twisters in Beijing: "purchase snuff, do not smell - pretend play" is constantly secondhand to jeer masquerade experts; there is an allegorical "dipping snuff smell saliva - - False specialist "is too used ironically as specialist action. Just use your finger dipped for a mini snuff into the nostrils, do not need to dip spit above the finger. Harrier kid Hutong, Beijing is an east-west alley south of the metropolis. Lay out metropolis alley eastern,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], west, studying road, width of over four hundred meters. Harrier alley mildly entertaining kid, as if the alley's history and a mighty bird of pillage related. In fact, the Ming Dynasty,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the alley alley phoned to be kid, is equitable south of Square, in the Qing Dynasty afterward the child evolved into the Harrier alley, still in use.
Li Delun, the world-famous famous symphony conductor, June 6, 1917 children connate in the alley Harrier 31 (old numbers) of a Muslim household. In agreement with Muslim custom, his father, his mom requested the Imam Abdullah named Archie. Close due to the reason from the bridge, where the family often took him to play. In a small four-year-old Durham, when children first go to play bridge, a three-stringed lute playing children's entertainers to preoccupy him. Standing in the air, a small Durham disinclined to quit. After returning home, a small Durham harassing their parents to must buy a shamisen is not himself, the parents finally meet the aspirations of small Durham. Since then, a small Durham sanxian holding his beloved children, sit entire day in a isolated edge constantly fiddled with. Li Delun reputation was that it was the beginning of his to music.
Li Delun's dad adored opera, Peking Opera performers and then Yu Shuyan is friendship between generations, and opera star Ma Lianliang, Yangxiao Lou are good friends, but also acknowledge the "Monkey King" Li Shaochun as the accepted son, is often home percussion constantly inspired by the air of opera music, not mistrust to the small Durham laid the root for dulcet enlightenment. In 1931, Li Delun admitted to the Beijing Normal University High School, the school broadened Li Delun life extra living space. His hobbies, favor reading Tolstoy, Balzac, Hugo, Maupassant, Lu Xun's goes, more favor listening to Beethoven and Tchaikovsky symphonies. Beijing Wangfujing Shuaifuyuan at alley, there is a flee for foreigners, "Martin sound" radio station, broadcast a few hours per daytime of Western classical music, opera Saturday night also put a logging, Li Delun hear to an addiction, enthralled. At that time, by the time the foreign music teams fulfilling in Beijing, Li Delun is a have to for every field, from left off. The first time he saw dressing a black tuxedo music manager, Flanagan held up a small dance up and down Bang Bang, the song now sounded, he was nearly shocked, that Huichangdangqi, captivating music is streaming from there it?
"Incident" occurs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Li Delun participated in the "Song of Peking Union Mission", in a digit of demonstrations, Li Delun guide singing Japanese songs to the one hundred twenty-nine students actively partake in the National Salvation Movement. Li Delun studying at Fu Jen Catholic University, joined the "vanguard of the liberation of the Chinese nation." In 1940, Li Delun agreed to the only Music Institute - Shanghai Music special study. In 1946, Li Delun reached Yan'an revolutionary for the Central Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Yan. Since then, the fate of his own music profession and the Chinese revolution, closely correlated.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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