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beijing daytime trips

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PostPosted: Mon 8:53, 21 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing daytime trips

Yuan "Zhongtang asset in idea," a writing that is "sea stores" records. Ming the formation of the South and North, Haidian Haidian two small villages. Starting from the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, such as Chang Chun imperial garden built in the Haidian, Haidian and the handy north-south interlock into several small villages, a large town, is the town of Haidian. Haidian, as the capital of the scenic resort town, surrounded by the formation of a "Three Hills and Five Gardens" as the megalopolis,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], given by the imperial tribe sovereigns park and personal garden Lianzhui Cheng's Garden clusters.
Zhangjiawan town Tongzhou region is 1 of the town, retaining the Warring States duration and the remains of the Han Dynasty forefathers thrive. Since the Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Xuan, sea trial since 1900 for nearly 800 years to stop water transport, the Zhangjiawan to merchants, developed and strategically momentous water transport is understood globe, the "Grand Canal, the first extremity," said. The construction of a large number of building materials accustom in Beijing and the southern goods produced goods are transported by sea, by the city of Beijing Zhangjiawan. South Town's trench clearance as a link to the Great Wall and people to merchandise transportation hub, has been around 3,000 years of history. Back in the Spring and Autumn time to build a trail, set the Inn. Pass Office located 7.5 km south of the north, is off trench ward system mandate center. Later on, by the Chinese neutral chart, construction, construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway south from Fengtai, afterward the South Side area, through the natural barrier trench clearance, direct connections with the outside of Zhangjiakou.
Liangxiang, the human labeled to either agreeable, fashioned began Yan generation. Liangxiang town seasoned a stone town and the hedgehog-sur-sur-Liangxiang Liangxiang town 2 historical stages. Dashi River valley rich in Zhoukoudian Peking Man carrying a thriving future task. With the political and economic status of the evolution of Beijing, a Beijing Liangxiang roads above the south, a military town. Yongning, circled by mountains, overlooking the western plains. A clean - Yongning territory from across the Gui River, terraced rice paddies facet of cross-strait transmission facilities. If you persist northwardly, the more Jing'an Fort Gubeikou, direct way to Mobei; while the West to announce the government, the road eastern to the seas, yet too the connectivity. Yongning is through North and South, and even the navel of entities the two road intersection. Special geographical location of this chip of land preordained to persist the battle, has experienced the difficulties of modern people can no dream. Archaeology shows that for early as 11 million annuals ago, dining place alone, "former San valley people" activities here, and 1 million annuals ago is "Donghulin people" movement space. Rather special village dining hall creating, hall green tile courtyard homes, houses the mountain on the potential, exquisite stone carvings, brick carvings everywhere. Guojie Lou, the ancient stage, engraved stone, stone and ancient temples to the people to pass information.
Jujube Byway East Side was a Niujie interlinked from the northeast and southwest of the field inclined dirt road outside the city of its formation and the southwest turn of the temple worship are inextricably origin effect. Qing, Chong effect there is a temple, "Pine Apricot chart", written by famous ancient map inscription Manuscripts and amplified precious, monks, as this picture shows the "town of Temple treasure." That year, Temple has large tracts of Zaolin North plant, one to the late spring, Zaohua snow, which is also known as temple worship efficiency Zaohua Temple. Autumn,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the dates matched with Xi Xia, red one, showing a trend Wei Xia steam cloud, cried a scene. The snow Zaohua, precious pictures so efficient temple worship renown, the city preoccupied literati after distinct. Temple is located in effect as Chong wilderness areas outside the city, known as the "Laojun to" the inner city to external city from the southwest corner of the temple worship took effect after the inevitable appreciation of the large map "Laojun land", in array to detect a shortcut, It tangles and turns cut corners and the line, stepped out of a longstanding Bent dirt road. That rowdy road winding, narrow uneven, a raining, mire over the road,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more difficult to walk.
Wen, dynasty, the priests in the temple adore efficacy a massive number of peony cultivation, particularly in Mexico, ranks 1st amid the green two-color peony Capitol. Peony in full flower in March to the late spring of every season, including the city's Sheriff Xianhuan living spring excursion to see the peony to the Temple worship as efficient form, all from the inner city by the Niujie Xiecha take this dirt road to the temple worship efficiency. Every year, Temple priests worship efficient use made of a soft peony petals sweet taste, fragrant of the "wealth pie", but also bait the desire of people, all eager to try. Peony in full blossom, Bent dirt road audience surging waves, the temple worship is even more efficient tourists. People who chew Fang bun and enjoy the outlook of flowers on the Buddha figure inside and outside the King compete.
Later on, outside the site west of South City stalk abrasive Board Printing Office to build the degree of branch (now Beijing similarity predecessor), to become Beijing's largest typography factory, operators up to two thousand people, from workers to work from the inner metropolis also copy this road to work close the line. Since then, as the population multiplied, people build their houses on both sides of the clay road in the door, the formation of the street. Degree branch at the time printed by the Secretary beneath the auspices of this dirt road and expand large-scale upkeep and planting of acacia trees on both sides of the road, the road situated at the northeastern wharf Pro Niujie a wooden arches, plaques letter " Printing Office Road. " So far we have a number of relics from the distribution of immense Salvinia can see the road Bent's general intention.

beijing tour package

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Thu 16:17, 26 May 2011    Post subject:

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Reprinted from 154801099 at 17:41 on December 15, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: NZ Life

wife to write articles, write their own lazy coming directly turn O (∩ _ ∩) O ~

New Zealand fast
to 5 months, and we have no time to write the log, it is actually lazy to write the log in here to learn, a small half life,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and everything was adapted here The environment is a good place to live live in a country, a day earlier classes during the day, come back at night homework before going to bed to call home, this life is very full but not too much pressure, learning new words every day contact with ethnic skin color barrier,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his classmates are friendly, from different countries, but still the Chinese pronunciation of English is better, no accent. When I first came on the first day of a class of Saudi Arabia, and this brother is, I can understand talking a twenty percent, depressed me for days, I guess, although my English is not good but that does not rotten to the twenty percent level only understand it, then communicate with him only to find the total, this big brother pronunciation problems, all of the θ and ri unable to pronounce such sounds, he will [θri:] said to [Sli :], sometimes anxious brother also mixed with Arabic and English, said. Then I took him talk every day, when I understand twenty percent to ninety percent of the time can understand quite a sense of accomplishment. And then later met Vietnamese students, it is not a big brother can be said to uncle, uncle's accent is more important, when talking to him I can understand the meaning of ninety percent,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I summed up a constant truth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is - the listening, that is, out of practice! Ha ha!

weekend I will go play with the general New Zealand is a tourist country, scenery is everywhere, both here on the grass, or sky, or sea, as long as you have a camera handy is a photo of a landscape plan , ha ha, rice asked how my photography so well. In fact, photography is not a problem, but as long as you have a camera will be able to illuminate such a beautiful and scenic.

Haha, I use the following photos to give us a presentation of New Zealand (quack, all dripping ~ technology is good I took it ????)

First of all, the first impression is that New Zealand sheep and cattle over and over???? In fact, not so over and over you, only just over and over in the pasture, ha ha. This is shot in a pasture, but is not beef cows???? The beef really very will put pose, see me get a camera, all for the camera

This is New Zealand's west coast and east coast of the sea the sea is not the same black sand has white sand
Chinese call this beach full of sea birds, but Bird Island because I do not remember the English name of the island Hey ????

PIHA is a black sand beach

The following is the grand appearance to the crab's name is also to forget the beach, from Auckland to open nearly 2 hours by car although very far away, but the value of the catch as much crab ???? super-fine sand here is estimated to be relatively long history of crustal movement in the silver waters of the Pacific deep-sea beach opposite is not the inland sea waters and the first two very different feel beautiful `` ``

sea again under the setting sun Photo

New Zealand has a southern hemisphere's tallest building that is the Auckland sky tower which is a sign of the tower lights at night will play a different night, I look good, but it seems that it did not specifically issued with a filmed photo from Oh North Shore Bridge, according to the

this is taken from the Auckland Prince's Wharf is also a \
point of view it is clear from this picture it stopped at the terminal are sailing (ship's position is said to buy a valuable, and the rich do ????)

New Zealand wine is very well known one gay (can not remember which one) Tell me that at a recent wine competition in New Zealand wine on the wine of France won??? Listen Well it is still very pure drop??? so back when the picture with two bottles of ha of vineyards, but is green grapes Hey I have not been to the land of red grapes children ???

have to mention that New Zealand's plant is located in a natural oxygen bar that is not exposed the country to find a lawn to land anywhere can play golf (of course can not be the slope of the lawn) I prefer to send a few Some of the plants it took some of the Botanic Gardens is taken there is a garden of palm trees everywhere I started comparing the ignorant thought that palm trees are cycads to the family when the phone constantly lamented here of the Tieshu good long high ah ???????

This is to be ignorant
I think the palm trees Tieshu???? high, right??? is quite like the bar just above sea level Tieshu different thing

do not know what this flower could be a lantern to spend it like silk flowers do look really good out haha

This is actually shot in a garden is not so pretty this flower This photo taken just feel bad angle

the flower like a Miyazaki cartoon elves spend a good variety of colors are pink purple red and yellow of??? but it felt more like a wizard, or white flowers

Auckland countless seagulls flying over you will often see birds standing on the street look the same as the traffic police vehicles

west spring shoot the fact, apart from a lot of these black swans ducks but also have the image of the Chinese people even call them ducks because ducks and swans mixed with lake raising??? But this picture is Black Swan is not a duck that I distinguish between open

unknown birds will fly to swim may have been used to feed the people here see us coming after the very beginning we eat catch me I'm surprised that when it comes to attack me and then I was chasing my swollen bite to eat large of foot ????

pure sky

haha catch crabs show how the brilliant achievements
This is the outcome of the last half caught record is a barrel full of ha ha

to do this big tub Xiang Laxie

this pot to be steamed crab dinner

ha ha ha ha eat spicy bowl of steamed basins Shuangwai Wai???

spicy flavored crabs drops it still looks very authentic

steamed crabs ~

have to mention the silly golden house dog minkey landlord, I do not spend money like dogs dogs have also come to play Photo Feature O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ super well-behaved dog Every day I go home will hold me O (∩ _ ∩) O ~

finally, a silly girl close-up of their own, right

This is what I specifically said to be in New Zealand live in Auckland than in the country did in fact leave their homes will suffer a lot, but this experience made me even more to enrich the air here, I like the green of life here in this friendly country I am burdened with their own ideals move

in the struggle did not calm the sea routes in the process of the first line of the road is not flat,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], maybe I will keep blazing to go beyond the gap in life maybe I will keep all the ups and downs in life to experience strange things but as long as there is faith in mind even if it is hard to Normandy attack directed at the dreams I will spread my wings to fly!

the new year is the father, mother were born in May they all proceeds smoothly, the year to see a happy health healthy???

wish all my relatives and friends were good health and smiling (although the speech is the most simple but also proceeds smoothly, the body feeling really very important ??)

silly girl finished??? to sleep liao ~ ~ ~ ~ O (∩ _ ∩) O ~

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