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beijing excursion package

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PostPosted: Tue 7:41, 19 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing excursion package

Russian premier apt the latest from the British Legation, fired a mighty bombard Dongbianmen
Power Allied Forces in consensus with prior accord, these 4 countries into four columns of troops on August 13 cleared to the city of Beijing approximately 3 miles east of camp, the next daytime while preparing to attack the defenders of the Qing. The maximum northerly of the Russian army was assigned to attack the Dongzhimen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], for the second column of the Japanese attack onward the road in front of the door of Qi (sun gate), when the U.S. and British troops were attacked and shawo Dongbianmen doors (wide Drainage door). This namely rivalry by the same beginning line, who knows the Russian military did no plan to obey by the rules, ride the storm 13 nightly, the first from the British Legation to the east side door recently launched a ferocious attack.
The vanguard of the original Russian eastern of Beijing have carried out these doors exploratory reconnaissance. They concluded: East side door of the fort crews lack a defensive weak correlate and a shortcut leading to the British Legation. So the Russian administrator of the Lini Wei sent to a battalion of soldiers and a half with the firearms, guided at the Russian naval central of staff Vasiliev Chomsky, to explore the path to work for massive elements. Black Russian by days of impatient, touched ashore the trench bridge, the eradication of the East will be outside of the Qing Sentinel, and then set up 2 cannons, the doors blew open a chasm.Vasilyev Chomsky and Peter led the first Russian dagger through the hole into the Urn class, but there was intensive launch blocking, underwent ponderous casualties,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], incapable to migrate along. However, before dawn, still remain in that portion of the Russian armed forces outside the gates trying to storm came in from the side door, and finally subjugate the whole spire, and has been insisting to 14, 10 am appearance of Russian large forces. Followed by a difficult fight in a seesaw situations and street fighting. Vasilyev Sharansky was seriously injured in the fighting, and because the Russian firearms horses plucking defenders Qing have all been killed.
Russian advance started fighting, association forces coordinated operations of the plan was disunited, and the remaining countries in the military rush into battle, and the scene was in confusion. Japanese troops take vantage of the strong focus of all 44 guns, has fired the door to the amalgamation extra than a thousand shells, so that all the gates watchtower convert a heap of rubble. But even so, even when they met in the encircle stubborn resistance, had braved the hail of bullets, launched the attack repeatedly and again. Qi of the door in circumstance of no less than Jiugong, the Japanese commander of the pass ingredient as (MototomiYamaguchi) Dongzhimen is too sent to dissimilar unit, and use lofty explosives ripped the town. Fierce fighting went on for day and night, until 15 am, the Japanese army was proficient to all huge city. Because they had been pillaged before the Russian military, the U.S. military had to ascertain other targets. As a striker of the U.S. Fourteenth Infantry Regiment soldiers base in the East side door and a wall between shawo door cracks, it cracks along the climb on, occupied the top of this wall, and quickly northward , to a decisive extent, decrease the Qing to the Russian oppression.
In the most left-wing British until 14 noon before battle. When they come to the vanguard shawo door, met only sporadic resistance Qing. Including the other side of the wall, you tin look the British elevated the British legation, the United States and Russia in the citizen flag. While British soldiers carefully reached the wall inward, suddenly appeared on the battlements to look the semaphore, a U.S. fighter, his hand with a blue and white flag played in morse code, said the sentence: "get busy the sewer." Then he pointed his hand just underneath the flag. Indian soldiers as the striker to move forward rapidly, a seven-foot-high water to show the door in their eyes. Indian infantry on the removal of water in the rusty steel bars on the door, the U.S. military from the other side of the fence assisted clean up the water inside the barrier gate. Soon, the Indian soldiers and officers to not treading on the foot of the sludge through the dark doorway, set foot on the British legation River along the street next to the Imperial River. August 14 pm and a half, covered in perspiration as they drenched their feet covered with mud in the Indian soldiers will appear in the British Legation in the tennis court.
At the same period, including the city walls, the U.S. and Russian forces captured sailor Hartmann's tower, but also to proceed to move forward, finally arrested the Zhengyangmen. 15, 7 am, below the cover of U.S. troops in artillery, and the Tiananmen gate to the Great Qing attacked. In the Qing passed the door, they progressive to the rostrum before the force, set up two guns, close the door on the east side was a continuous bombardment, trying to open a road leading to the Forbidden City. However, a thick archive of the iron gate under the bombardment of the artillery really stays on. Finally, in the Forbidden City and east of the Japanese engineers brought siege ladders, the U.S. military has then been able to embark the Gate of Heavenly Peace, where he heaved the Stars and Stripes.Forbidden City at stake, the U.S. military at the peak of Zaigong base gate and the Meridian Gate, the Empress Dowager Cixi of the castle will be at your fingertips. May at this time, Tiananmen Square received the Fourteenth Infantry Regiment commander of U.S. forces Chafee (ARChaffe) mandates them to now stop the repellent, withdrew again to the Zhengyangmen. The original high-level appointment on the coalition forces, attacking the U.S. military and the Forbidden City, the Japanese have their own controversy. Russian military commander in the French military commander to Lini Wei Fuk Lane (NicolasFrey) patronize, strongly oppose the train of the U.S. military and advocated for the Manchu imperial household to prop the outlook of tolerance. Under pressure in manifold countries, the U.S. had made major surrenders.
Past hundred annuals have passed, while the fierce battle going on the layer and walls of these ancient city of Beijing is now largely no longer exists. However, from surviving some of the age photos, we can still see the walls of the fortifications and trenches crisscross on altitude, and the bodies of unknown soldiers Qing, you can still dream this arduous battle to vindicate the capital of the tragic scenario: stationed at the door amalgamation and the East side door of the Qing soldiers braved heavy fire, through fire and water, fought a sanguinary warfare, the enemy was desperate resistance; the other hand, the Qing generals guarding the doors Shawo fearful to dead, got chilly feet to run,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the whole tower and the city's channel for the antagonist.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Fri 11:15, 27 May 2011    Post subject:

,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Reprinted from 296270352 at 23:03 on June 27 2009 read (loading. ..) Comments (0) Categories: funny female doctors hear flushed (Classic)
beautiful female doctor male patient in the hospital greatly welcomed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], romance, the pursuit of more gold are numerous, of course, also encountered a lot of sexual harassment ......
One day, Mr. Chen infertility examination done at the hospital, the beautiful female doctor to examine Mr Chan did not decrease the number of sperm. She gave him a sealed small glass jar, some samples should be installed to bring him home.
next day, Mr. Chen again, only to find that female doctors still empty glass jars.
Chen explained: 『Yesterday, I tried the first half with his right hand, no movement,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I try to switch to the left, or no use, I called my wife to help, she is two hands again, to no avail . I told her to get your mouth is still no way. 』
female doctor heard his face red.
He is still kept saying: 『just my cousin came to my house gifts, she is more young and physically well, to help me to please her. She is also the first hand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then his mouth, it is hard to ............。 』
『Stop! Stop,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! Women doctors could bear 』:『 such a thing ... to help you find your cousin to do ~? 』
Chen wrote: 『she was very happy ah! But that does not work! I come to you, see if you can ............ 』
angrily asked a female doctor: What can 『? 』
Chen replied: 『can open the lid of this glass jar ah! 』

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