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beijing hutong tour

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PostPosted: Thu 11:03, 24 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing hutong tour

In general, the scale of development of karst cave liken stately cave, such as Shihuadong down a total of 7 layers with a total length of more than 3000 meters; Yin Hudong up and down three floors with a total width of the tunnel, there are more than 2000 meters; As the cloud tunnel, yellow white hospital Tallinn and additional holes were a few hundred meters width. Karst cave fashioned by the erosion and corrosion rich landscape types, such as the Shihua, no only the full range of chemical deposits, and quite bizarre shapes of karst landscape, into a north and south of the culmination of the cave cave scenic landscape museum, was hailed as a one of the 4 cave systems.
According to expert studies, the cave sediments have 5 types, 33 varieties of forms, which are general stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone pagodas, stone shield, stone waterfall, stone curtains, Shiman, Dan Titian, stone brim dike, Stone flowers; fewer morphology goose treatment, point beads, curly stone, on milk stone, stone chrysanthemum, stone sticks, crystal flowers, principally infrequent on milk stone, multicolored stones, flags, white stone flowers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], foreign stone shield,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], precious Shek Lin, Shi-chih, in Shihuadong particularly typical. Currently only the development Shihuadong 1st and the second hole, long 1362.25 meters, one area of ??13668.6 square meters. The Fangshan Yun tunnel is a rare one in Beijing limestone cave, cave 530 meters elevation, the hole to the north-south extension of the hole length is 613 meters tall in the lobbies of 7, the maximum height difference of altitude and base are more than 60 meters, basal area over 2,000 square meters. Central Office on the second hole of a stalagmite stands, up to 38 meters, is currently the largest stalagmite were base in the world also are in the forefront.
In addition to the stalagmite, there are thousands of stalactites, stone pillars, Shiman, stone flags, stone plaques. Ying Yin Hudong countryside below water, present not only the development of two dry holes, but also a layer of 800-meter-long tunnel, discovered in the Beijing region is the only one tunnel. This hole has adult a massive digit of discoidal stone grapes, breast ball upside down stalactites and stone landscape, in which the fox hanging upside down like calcite crystals - "Silver Fox", a perspicuous white body, wrapped in dense needle-like crystal bloom, very special, identified by experts as the world's matchless "national treasure." Zhoukoudian is located in the northern chapter of the keel yellow, Shandong Institute of white Tallinn cave, 250 meters long cardinal tunnel, with a total length of 400 m adit. One of the biggest Dongting, approximately 40 meters, 20 meters broad and 10 to the memory a great number of stalagmites, stalactites, stone curtains, stone pillars and other chemical collection form.
These renowned karst grotto, that cave is a cave in Beijing limestone outlook of the major types. As as the erosion hole breakdown and breakdown - stacking bracket holes, mostly in Beijing, is a small cavity type, the former such as Chaoyang Dong Huairou County, Guiguzi hole; Miyun County Yunmengshan patriotic hole, black hole Temple Guanghui, Yunfeng Mountain Fairy Cave etc.; the latter as a cloud to pass You Dong Black Dragon Pool Scenic Area, Xiangshan Cherry Vale of White Deer Cave, 2 cave and so ashore. Many of them are developed in the granite and volcanic areas, the small size of the match for the scenic attractions.In counting to these natural caves, yet Beijing still has a lot of dug the cave, maximum of all the history of religious minorities as a residential or open up the cavern. The former, such Yanqing Guyaju, it ethnic lines dug along Xi Sui and Tang dynasties, situated in two ravine granite cliff, a absolute of 117 points, divided 1 bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, indoor pit, fire stove, sink, skylight, Menorah, lookout hole and so on. Cavity and the cavity namely connected between the stone steps. Is now open to "Guyaju" passenger smudges; the latter, such as stone at the rocks by the Fangshan Yunju Si-dong, Haidian District, Phoenix Ridge in the manifold Buddha Cave, Badachu 7 of the holes also beads and so ashore.
Cave development in Beijing and geographical distribution in space are very alter, primarily in: Xishan Mountain area cave areas than quantity, density, size and magnificent, the scene scene. Especially the karst landscape cave deposits in the chemical, such as stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone flowers, stone flags, Shiman ... ... and so, most dazzling, outlook thousands, development of more complete than the Mountain area, perfect. According to lacking statistics, the number of about Beijing Xishan cave cave understood for 61.8% of the total; Mountain area accounted for only 38.2%. This is due in Beijing between the two-level element of the ancient geological architecture occasioned by environmental distinctions.
In the same tectonic unit, the cave scene density and spatial distribution of the degree of development there are significant differences, such as the two wings of the Western Hills Baihua Mountain syncline, by the Dashi, Zhoukoudian River, Yongding River Cave and more developed in the thick layer of pure, thick joints and easy dissolution of Ordovician limestone, the ratio of the Juma River, the Upper Proterozoic Jixian System, the Great Wall and so complicated, Department of dissolution of dolomite with chert bands, dolomitic limestone cave well developed. Although the Juma River basin area, there are numerous caves shidu, but generally small, far less developed Shihua Dong Jing, hole tunnel,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Yinhu Dong, white Tallinn hole.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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