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beijing landing transfer

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PostPosted: Thu 11:24, 24 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing landing transfer

Longtan Lake Scenic Area in Miyun County, northwest of rock groups among urban and rural areas. Kurau valley due apt what enhancement of tensile rupture, the formation of the straightforward canyon scenic passageway. Cheongdam end apt end cross the valley to fashion a beaded pattern. There are 18 main lake points, namely, Black Dragon Pool, Shen Tan, suspended Lake, Sam Dip Tam, Qu Tan, Luo Yan Tam, Pincha Lake, string of pearls, long activity pond, the bottomless lake, True Black Dragon Lake, Chunhua Tan, Moon Lake. In truth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], from the West, there are still a series of scenic lake, such as into the Love Lake, stunning lake, 2 Willow Lake, Tiger Lake and other drinks, but they yet belongs to another scenic smudge - Crouching Tiger, a cascade. The above are mostly eroded Tam Tam, assorted shapes, alter shades. Some twists and corners looming, some dignified's show at a glance. Black Dragon, which truly must be the deepest lake, the fathomed depth of 25.6 meters, one place of ??only 4 square meters, namely the most currently known in Beijing Barrel Tan points.
Nine Bay Lake Group is situated in scenic northwest of Miyun County, Langfang upstream of the creek valley. What length of 3.5 km. This is a Black Dragon Pool and contiguous to scenic waterfalls parallel extension of the corridor. Cheongdam Valley series, a absolute of 18, there are splendid isolated lake, lacoste Lake, Dream Lake, Yan habitat Lake. The crack initiation because of its location different Cheongdam, the depth, area,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], surface shape is too no the same, and the larger up to tens of meters, while the small is only 10 square meters. Water Qinglie, vivid color stone, giving a clear and freshening the U.S. US-Yi.Taoyuan Taoyuan Fairy Lake Fairy Lake Scenic Lake Scenic Area by a group of east-west stream runs through the West from the Shek Wu, Taoyuan Fairy Lake East until total width of 3 km.
There are numerous valleys and waterfalls radiated delivery Cheongdam, such as a waterfall Taoyuan, two, Santan, of which Three Pools Mirroring the cliffs above three sides at the sanitation in the Shen Jian, the Taoyuan to high imposing waterfall, hanging from a memorandum in the lake due west, the formation of a 25 meters long, 7 meters wide, 2 meters deep, covering an area of ??175 square meters of Tai Tam points. Another example is a group of Taoyuan River upwards of waterfalls landscape, known as the stone pot. It is like a patio, approximately the cliff arch ring, only the northeast and a door-shaped gorge in the globe outside the Fairy Lake leaked exit. The oval-shaped lake, almost 15 meters, 10 meters wide, 4 meters deep, covering an area of ??130 square meters. Is infrequent in the suburbs of Beijing scenic Lake Point scene.
Yun Mengxia Miyun Reservoir is located in scenic west side of Lake Group, Yunmengshan peak southeast. The canyon by a river runs through on family, aiding many valleys, it is also very impressive digit Cheongdam. There are three famous scenic waterfall sounds Emerald Green Bitan, Niuxintuo Niuxintuo beneath the waterfall pool, lotus petals spoon Lake. Green Green Lake area of ??about 50 square meters, more than 3 m deep lake, clear as a mirror, water,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], eclipse Ruofei, observers tin enjoy this cool, silence and so their grandchildren. In adding to Falls Lake behind two scraps have Cheongdam, the bedrock slope in the waterfall flows there are small cylinder-shaped pools, such as the spoon Lotus Lake is located in the medium of the waterfall, straight from the lake body in straight sets, not bottom, filled with water before the chasm, and then under the flood spilled into the waterfall pool. Overview of Lake Point and waterfalls like a spoon, it was this appoint.
White Dragon is located 30 kilometers northeast of Miyun County, Longtan the mountains, the northwardly side of the same color provisional Miyun Reservoir in Tianshui, is 1 of Beijing's new King 16. Here there be dragons from the Han Dynasty can be caused by smokes and rain of the legend, the words of a White Dragon alive in the pit, widespread rain. Song Zhe wrote in here, "White Dragon do drink Tam, fix tail hanging cliff," a poem. Bingbei Road Ashland, such as the Ming Dynasty poetry goes: "drive visit to the Dragon Pool, a small stone cabin on the mire puzzle, Shuangqi around the feast You Dai Lu, Wei Jing Lan hidden at ego, human flatter Yushu dust even now, the brandy was working curling marrow Zhuo, Dragon Optical owned woods like Lu, Li Jun Zhu agreed a total of Exploration. "Qing emperors often patronize this, clear streets and in worship.
White Dragon has long penetrated the notable. That there are three pearly Longtan Lake, located in several different heights, respectively, the granite platform, every platform width of 7 to 8 meters long and tens of meters. Interestingly, almost three ponds located in the same vertical line, forming perpendicular Tam Kam wonderful waterfall landscape. Water from 20 meters on a soak flat rock dumping in the 1st three injection Lake, and then rotate out of laps, the second, third, to the base of the two streams to the lake, the "Three Pools Mirroring the vent stack," shrieked "Beijing East a must. "

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Beijing China Tours

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