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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Wed 9:39, 30 Mar 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

National Palace Museum experts, the Qing regal harem opposition courtiers into extra non-intervention in affairs of state palace, a woman came forward to namely strictly deterred. These 2 copper lion's ear bowed, is apt alert harem concubines and charm are, for the former's political affairs, listen less and less speak. Forbidden City in Beijing, the Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties the place where the throne is the world's largest palace, dating behind over 580 annuals of history. Towering brick walls of the Forbidden City that ambition be outside the metropolis and the scene of two differ worlds separated the two expressions, as maximum human, this is an district of 72 million square meters, with approximately 9000 palace palace, the recondite and eminent.
Ming and Qing Dynasty story of generations, has been away from the people, the existence of the Forbidden City and allows the historical accidents in sight. The serious beauty of the palace, but how many countless secluded sin. Palace coup, the eunuch in politics, the monks entered the Hall of Supreme Harmony, and ordinary sword to slay the emperor, and Hong Wan circumstance, the case moved house, lost gold, lost India, launch case, the case of floating corpses cheese River, etc., are still popular amid the people forward. Palace of Heavenly Purity is a Ming Dynasty Emperor's bedroom, Jiajingnianjian to have taken place here, slay the emperor's palace servants turmoil. Emperor Jia Jing women always elect the name via some 10 years to 13 years old girl migrate into the palace, the brutality of these maidens to live forever. Spring and early summer the year 1542 1 night, incapable to bear the Emperor Jia Jing of the ladies torture, conspiracy to put this cruel emperor strangled.
That night, West Palace of Heavenly Purity Jiajing Emperor Snappers are dormant, the juvenile ladies Yang Jinying weak led a dozen ladies and two concubines, slipped into the emperor's bedroom. "Let's start it! As mighty for death in his hands!" Some of them disguised, and some at the legs, and some drag arm, the other a few sets of the cord around the nape of the Emperor Jia Jing Le hard. Due to a moment of alarm Sikou tether form, can not constrict, strangulation was the Emperor Jia Jing gave up the ghost but did not die. A look at the location is not agreeable two concubines to throw the additional ladies, to the Queen's report, a course to forgiveness. Queen who immediately emancipated the Qixiyanyan with the Jiajing Di. Emperor Jia Jing of vexed greatly moved Murder, a dozen maids and the two dozen reports to the Queen's concubine, were hack off limbs, cut throat executed. 100 other people who wrongfully died. Moved out of the dry material Houjia Jing Qing emperor, alive in Xiyuan Longevity Palace, always day long in array to improve longevity, 20 years later, just before dying back in the Palace of Heavenly Purity.
Wu Yingdian the Forbidden City, Chinese history, only once a peasant leader Li Zicheng emperor here. This year, the Chinese history there have been three emperors. AD March 18, 1644, the naval leader of peasant uprising led by Li Zicheng rebel army, buffet the external city of Beijing. Forbidden City in confusion, civil and military ministers fled their kept on the flee. Seized overnight by the Emperor Chong Zhen Zhu, scalding with impatience. Ring the bell to summon his men, but no rejoinder, not way out, suicide memorandum written in the Palace of Heavenly Purity edict. He ordered three sons transvestite fled and ran to the Queen herself Kunning life, to the temple with a knife slashing Zhaoren daughter Zhaoren Gong master, and killed and the other concubines Yuan chaise ... ... and then panic the eviction. Chongzhen Di desperately hang on the tree in the Jingshan Waibo tree, aged 33 years. So far the Ming Dynasty. The next day peasant army led by Li Tzu-cheng mobbed into the city of Beijing. They Kinda free food, spare from the Ming dynasty, royal booty stolen money, and so recourse to consolidate power.
A month later, Li Zi Cheng Wu Yingdian among the Forbidden City was held in the enthronement, said Dashun emperor. Rereading the history of China the merely emperor in the Forbidden City, the peasant chairmen. Rereading practice did no follow the empire climbed the emperor in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, was for the 3 sometime cardinal auditorium is aboard fire, the occasion of the fire still not sure. However, fair ahead and behind the linger in Beijing, Li Zi Cheng for 40 days. Wu Yingdian the daytime he became the emperor to go to foreign crusades from the West Beijing Shanhaiguan. At this time, 7-year-old customs Fulin has boarded the Qing emperor country. Duoergun shuaibing to obtain the Ming Dynasty, when he was informed that the capital of Liaohe infantry had been broken, the Ming Dynasty is dead, then will be afterward to signs Dashun. With Sangui devoted to the Qing Shanhaiguan, Li Zi Cheng defeated Dorgon scored Beijing, the Forbidden City ushered in the third emperor of the year - Qing Dynasty Emperor Shun Zhi. So distant,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 1644 has 3 emperors in Chinese history: the Emperor Tai Chong, Dashun Rereading and the Qing emperor Emperor Shunzhi.
Jiaqing eighteen years, a group of Chen Shuang, Chen Wenkui Tenrikyo rebel legion led by more than 100 people, scored the Forbidden City, understood as the "Forbidden City of the change." Long were the pointer on the gate plaque, is shocked the entire country, "Forbidden City of the alteration" to spectator history. Jiaqing eighteen years is the Year September 15, 1813, the day a team of Chen Shuang, Chen Wenkui Tenrikyo riot army led by more than 100 people, posing as salesmen, hawkers, hidden weapons,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], came to the Forbidden City, they are mostly poor planters and handicraft workmen. 3 pm, a dozen soldiers rushed into the Donghuamen uprising, by the eunuch Liu line Choi, Liu lead the way, went to the depths of the palace,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Qing unfortunately met officers and soldiers began a gate in the Concord fight. Another 5 or 6 soldiers ten uprising by the eunuch Yang Jinzhong, high in the wide scope collusion, scored the West door. Several rebel militia over the high wall, came to the emperor's palace near the Hall of Mental Cultivation.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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