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large walls tour

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PostPosted: Wed 8:10, 30 Mar 2011    Post subject: large walls tour

Although at the time of Emperor Yongle built the palace is unusually tall, attentive quite tight, even to those hurl in bronze stone beast into obedience with his subjects, but the year 1911 shook the world, has changed the fate of the Forbidden City,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Emperor Pu Yi Xuantong became the final emperor in the Forbidden City, also known as The Last Emperor.
Forbidden City in central Beijing, today understood as the Forbidden City, which method quondam the Royal Palace. Palace 750 meters from east to west, north to south and 960 meters, covering one area of 72 square meters, the maximum in the globe; Palace of the building is two mighty line of barricade nigh the navel, the outer is a 52 meters wide, 6 m deep moat, nigh the creek; followed along 3 km circumference of the wall, the walls almost 10 meters high, 8.62 meters broad at the bottom. There are 4 gates walls, south Meridian Gate, the West has West Gate, the wall edges, but likewise stands 4 turret, turret roof has 3 wafers, 72 roof, exquisitely carved,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], unique shape, detailed layout of the unique in the globe, phoned a art of antique Chinese structure.
Palace all reflect the colossal Chinese civilization. National Palace Museum tin be divided into 2 parts, the Southern District as the go, namely external court; northwardly living place, that is the inner court. North Korea appearance the interior court ordered all the architectures in the chief axis, entities symmetrical and orderly. You have to go outside towards the chief creating is: Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Preserving Harmony. Three 8-meter-skyscraper in the temple are a colossal platform, with a aggregate area of 85,000 square meters. Hall of Supreme Harmony in which the maximum tall, gorgeous. Bring up the rear of the Hall of Supreme Harmony is the emperor of recess before attending the observance and accepted a major area of adore, the maximum northern of Preserving Harmony is the emperor and the successful candidates winner Ciyan place. Inner court, including dry wash, cross-tai, Kun Ning Gong and three eastern and west sides of the East and West Liu Liu Gong, which is the Emperor and concubines place apt live, commonly referred to as the "3 castles and 6 families." In the residential area northwardly of the Imperial Garden has a small and matchless, is the play of the imperial staff. Ming and Qing emperors were living in the Palace of Heavenly Purity, Queen live Kunning, AC Thai Temple is the Queen of the places. The late Qing Dynasty, the emperor and empress are pushed to West Liu and other places to go.
The most outstanding is the Hall of Mental Cultivation, beginning from the Yongzheng Emperor, this became the home of the emperor of the governance and slumber, the Empress Dowager Cixi is also the acting after the scene, time of up to 40 years. More interesting, the museum's plants and trees have some kind of symbolic significance, reflecting the essence of ancient Chinese culture. "Forbidden City" is the label with the ancient Chinese philosophy and astronomy related. Chinese folk believe that "Heaven and Man" alternatively "Heaven", so the building is modeled after the Forbidden City Legall over the "temple" architecture. Ancient astronomy the star is divided into three wall, circled by Ershibasu, including violet Yuan (North Star) is now transit, is the heart of all the stars. The Purple Forbidden City, is the "centre of lilac wall," the violet, averaging Palace is also the world's "center." "Purple" refers to the royal dwelling, very dignified, non-intrusive. Carefully to the Forbidden City visitors will ascertain the names, there is "benevolence", "and", "media" and "security" and other words, such as Tiananmen Square, Hall of Supreme Harmony, etc., the definition of these words represent the kernel of Confucianism in China that "Chiang Kai-shek,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]," "Ren", highlighting the orthodox Confucian philosophy.

Diange Imperial Garden in the pavilion, scatter all over. Tall Qinan Hall is located right in the middle what the garden is divided into two parts. Roughly symmetrical rank, there are almost 20 another styles of buildings. Tian said the temple door a tall Qinan Hall. Hall Miankuo five, into the deep three, Huang Zhong Yan Lu glazed tile roof, the roof to set up a central gilt ding. Base for the white relentless stone temple Xu Mizuo, before the platform, seeing around the ring in order to col railing, architectural manner elegant, chic, stone carving is primarily nice. Qinan Hall with the Imperial Garden in the main building, which with the Tiananmen Square, the Meridian Gate, Hall of Supreme Harmony, Palace of Heavenly Purity in an axis line. Vulcan sovereign in the Forbidden City is located in the hall. Wield algae Church is a ride south out of the five gulf front gallery of the building, the west side of an contiguous penthouse. Not distant away is a pre-order Diaolan among by a rectangular fish pool. Near mountain surface water, elegant environment. Here is the accumulation of garden premises. Gaozong term life essence of Si Ku Quan Shu-chen selected, recorded for the "Si Ku Quan Shu Hui to", that is cached in this row.
Wield algae Church east, northeast corner has a fragrant garden pavilion, pavilion Danyan square, the roof with yellow, blue and green glazed tiles and white blanket, very beautiful. Wield aboard the pond algae Church built south of Bristol floating pavilion, ride north to south, built in a cavity arc stone bridge. Bi-wide movable pavilion depth of the three, square Cuanjian Ding. 7 meters high floor to the ding. Ingeniously constructed wooden kiosks, is a massive pavilion.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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