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beijing 1 daytime tour

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PostPosted: Sat 9:35, 02 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing 1 daytime tour

In the back seat, flare palm is the palace furnishings, altitude clothed Kongque Ling Yu, the ladies held up, is a kind of ceremonial. To the Qing Dynasty, the shelves are nailed here. Angle-side is a fanciful animal, trumpet monster. Legend is on the line 18000, the master four languages, so often approximately the throne. In fact, this edge of the end of cloisonne system, is a pair of incense with the bronze furnace, lighted belly spices, tobacco spit from the jaws of Da. As decorations, and smart applying.
Crane wax secondhand for the point light candelabra, a total of 12, is the shape of nice cloisonne products. Nine peach bronze incense burner in Qing Dynasty Qianlong accustom in casting the scalding sandalwood annoy. Longevity Peach said. Longevity hundred full-size baseball bat is only one birthday word, with the bat as a foil. Bat with the congratulating homonym, for background "shou" character, a symbol of agreeable fortune empress. Figure on the Empress of the stamp of outlook, the writing seems to be Empress, according to research made along the Imperial Academy of process specification. Table plaque of the Qing Dynasty Qianlong products. Production means is to use red lacquer applied to the tire on Phoebe, a total of 80 to 90 membrane paint until the paint to dry and then carving patterns, inlaid with ivory and jade shade such treasures. Large engraved mahogany mirror skeleton, is said to mirror the Swedish gifts. Birch silver birch tree roots processed lion is sculptured into a pair of lions. It is vivid form. Qing time table plaque is embellished products. Dongting Lake in Hunan Province on the screen is the scenery. It is a paste made with kingfisher feathers, feathers which never discolor, nevertheless the final 200 annuals, but the color is still bright.
Pacific King "as" a symbol of peace and harmony with the Taiping Lake, the best, on embark Eight Immortals. Eight Immortals sword is Xiangu, who is Han Xiangzi treasure basket, holding a flute Bao Lan Tsai, Chang, who is antique crutches, who is the deluge of the Magic Gourd, who is Han Zhongli Fan Bao, Yin and Yang board is holding the obviously drunk, holding a pass for the town of Lu Tung-pin Lion of God; five-word Davydenko, won the first award and other five sub-image,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a symbol of good luck, good fortune and the rule of the Qing reign flourishing. Large vase painted sapphire blue exhibit suite by Le Shoutang post were a pair, the Japanese imitation of Chinese blue and blue Thai fabrication process, this craft is called "Qibao burning", is brought back from Japan ministers dedicated to the Empress Dowager Cixi gifts. Park East Germany and the life appearance the Shan Fang, Shan Fang Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi of the Queen, with eight large courtyard, more than 100 houses, an place of 8,000 square meters, as a personal Shan Fang scale infrequent in the world. Information records, Empress meals a day is 60 taels of silver to buy rice at 7,000 pounds. So folklore: "Empress a seat rice, grain planters six months." Is really proper.
For the Empress cooking, snacks and cakes and sweetmeats made dairy foods do cook a aggregate of 120 folk. Take 1894, case in point, the Empress in order to celebrate the 60th birthday in the Summer Palace, a total of 5.4 million spent above the two silver, too south of the 100,000 colored silk weaving, just before the Ren Shoudian pitched a Caipeng to use the extra than 17,000 horses, and from the West Gate to the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the Orient House, set 60 of landscape. Shows how the feudal dictators and sumptuous living, excessive. All the navel corridor 728 meters long corridor, a total of 273. "Gallery" in the Chinese garden in manifold forms, there are corridors, verandas, corridors and other fashions of ascending. Gallery are generally accompanied to other buildings exist. This unique gallery, painted in its 8,000 pieces of Fang Liang landscapes, figures, flowers and birds painting, are enormous, it has "Gallery" appoint. This passageway namely the Summer Palace in one of the maximum classic buildings. Empress 70-year-old birthday tribute gifts ministers Xian Shou Magu roles in a couple of tall-than-life, namely the cloisonne productions, in alike crafts, solitary and exclusive to the furnishings in the auditorium.
Years of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong created up with stone Tower of Buddhist Incense. Tower of Buddhist Incense base 20 meters, 41 meters lofty, 8-face,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 3 floors, 4 twice eaves. Lei Muk Genei has eight colossal steel pillars Zhiguan top. Summer Palace, Tower of Buddhist Incense is not only a symbol of archaic Chinese building and is one of the boutique, with lofty architectural value. Copper tables placed in the "treasure looked the Numbers". Cast in 1755, shared 414,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000 pounds of copper. According to document records, later casting, to lustering the surface, only the frustration of copper beneath the debris, as numerous as 5,000 kg. Shows the colossal scale projects, reflecting the level of metal art in ancient China. Moving Tung, which is a stone causeway, the middle is a seventeen-shaped aperture, if the rainbow bridge. Both sides from the middle of a digit of holes to go all the abalone. "Nine" in ancient periods was considered "affirmative digit", only the emperor can use. Seventeen arc bridge 150 meters long, joining the western end and the South Lake Island. East bridge, there is a P Plus pavilion, cried the Gallery, such as kiosks, surviving in ancient China, the largest pavilion of a level of buildings.
Chunting know standing close the shore, you can look at the whole park scenery, Looking west from here, as a close-range Longevity Hill Tower of Buddhist Incense, Sai, and Yuquan Hill to media shot, for the vision of the rolling pinnacles of the mountain Beyond Mountains, outside the King King, picturesque lakes and mountains here that, without amplification.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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