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Beijing Private Tour

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PostPosted: Sat 5:13, 02 Apr 2011    Post subject: Beijing Private Tour

Dingling 1956, when excavations unearthed a large number of sacrificial material. According to some specialists say, these sacrificial sufferers have two things most precious value, 1st put the system in the blue and white house Jiajingnianjian huge Cigang Yunlong, one blue and white porcelain bowl with Zhu Yijun alive.
There is also unearthed treasures of Emperor and Empress of the Coronet Golden Delicious. Golden Delicious is compiled with the quite nice gold, weaving process phoned "mane of gold", is comparable to the Ming Dynasty cloisonne crafts. Golden Delicious after gold woven Liang Chi, svelte as onion rind, so the Golden Crown, also understood as "onion skin cap" alternatively "agreeable wings crown." Coronet, several top occasional when unearthed, after you cautiously restored old artiste, immediately on display is this whole antique as someone new. We see the phoenix coronet production exceedingly fine, more than a hundred pieces above stones, pearls Five thousand pieces, is truly sweating jewels. In increase there are a large number of fine unearthed gold, silver, jade, and a kind of jewelry, mostly wonderful handicrafts. Sacrificial material in the other type is infrequent silk, including gowns and Wanli Empress Xiao Jing Yi hundred babies, entire with gold thread needlework, very fine, in fact, rare treasures. over one hundred and sixty horses brocade material, fair unearthed, the color is very sunny, but turning yellow behind a few days. So when the technical manner of preservation is not the boundary, the excavation of cultural relics, or as prudent as well.
We tin look from the construction and sacrificial items Dingling seen? Working folk of ancient China lofty into the wisdom and creativity, merely likewise to discern the elegance of the feudal rulers and the human of wild plunder. If the construction of Chang Ling reflects the boom of the early Ming, then from the Ming Tomb, of special note, sacrificial objects unearthed from Dingling safeguard material in the Ming Dynasty, the feudal owner level as a whole is increasingly sub-decline. Wanli dynasty of the late, deserving apt social productivity and evolution of commodity economic, the emergence of the seeds of capitalism, social class, the growing complexity of sharp contradictions. The ruling class is shown even extra mercenary. Wanli twenty-four years since then, the potentate sent a colossal number of prison tariff to mining, industrial and advertisement cities and towns launched one unprecedented large predatory. According to statistics, ten annuals were swept among twelve thousand and forty-four gold two silver five hundred sixty-nine square an thousand 7 hundred ninety-seven 2 other precious stones, pearls, amber, opal mink and additional abroad Treasure can not obtain absolute.
(See "Peking University" 84 in the second time, the throne days "from the Wanli period of days, people skirmish to see Hu Donglin Party" treatise.) Dingling sacrificial lambs in the proliferation of gold and silver jewelry, it is relevant. Dingling 8 hundred million construction prices of two silver (see "Ming Xi Zong Record" Volume XVI),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this number is amplified if not, numerous of which silver is apparently embezzled. The corruption of the ruling class ultimately vexed the people's resistance. Wanli died merely seven years, broke a national-scale peasant uprising.

Of the emperors, always select the "feng shui" good to Fangjian Ling. However, Shou Ming Cheng Zu Jianling Changping days, but only because here, "Feng Shui" Well, more or in the political, military into consideration. Some people mention Pass the Mongolian highland to Beijing along the larynx, Tianshou north of Beijing was an momentous barrier. Pass, Tianshou reserve both a deposit and Beijing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a death Ju Wang, two very critical rank. So, some people think: the military vanquish in the Ming Dynasty in Beijing at Defense forces were divided on too lax, which lost the converge of defense, as Tianjin to obey along in order to preserve water transport, maritime transport; Tongzhou to obey by, this is Beijing's most important edible Tuen land; Zhuozhou to abide by, this is Beijing South. Line entry; Western Hills to abide by, which is Beijing's coal base; Pass to abide by, which is north to Beijing by the pharynx; days Shoushan to abide by, which is north of Beijing barrier, but also the ancestral tomb is situated; to the capital nine to abide by, the Imperial Palace to abide by, and thus divide our forces everywhere,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], easy to co-offenders infantry to break, it was Failure (see Liang copies of "Mausoleum of the figure said," Volume II.)
In fact the demise of the Ming Dynasty, from the naval says that the opener is not to separate our forces together, all butldiers, Pass, Ming Tombs and Beijing was not a death Ju Wang. Orthodox fourteen years, "Civil Change", too, into the start Zijinguan, the burning of a long, offering two mounds, although arrived in Beijing, Beijing did not g; Jiajing twenty-nine "Gengxu of alteration", Altan from Gubeikou in, press on Gyeonggi, and committed the Ming Tombs, but Beijing is not lost; Chongzhen years after the gold has since Yin Zhuang population, gray ash jaws, the mouth cone stone, the burning of German mounds, attacked, Beijing, Beijing also has not been destroyed; lonely 1644 Rereading from Hongliugou (Pass East, Yanqing County in this circumstance) into Ruby Port, the old Ming Tombs, the Ming army Shouqiang Pass concession after army of peasants, Changping, Beijing Shahe eventually able to burst out. City. I trust namely after the Ming Dynasty from the traditional, the military will forever be the main reason for not divide our forces caught in the passive, but anyway forsake ward.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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