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beijing daytime trips

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PostPosted: Fri 9:09, 01 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing daytime trips

1860 British and French troops scalded the Yuanmingyuan, he did not let its neighbors Qing Yi Park, a large debt of appreciation Yanshou Temple was flamed away, the garden extra than forty thousand treasures were looted Yuanmingyuan and Longevity Hill for two days two large fire night. Although the garden was destroyed, but the royal palace can not do without Summer, 1888, Cixi embezzled navy 30,beijing china tours,002,000 military, as a repair reserve Qing Yi Jin Park. 10 years after, the garden completed, the cost is the Sino which erased out the Northern Navy and ceded the isle of Taiwan. Empress to Ciming "Summer Palace", take a recess harmonization, the meaning of home for days, though she does not how good this woman.
Summer Palace after the completion of the aggregate surface of 5,000 acres of orange to the main Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. After the achievement of the garden, the Empress lived here maximum of the time, because the dynasty, the Empress in Renshou Dian "by go", in Le Shoutang eat and sleep inside the Summer Palace seems apt have become distinct Xiaochao Ting and her "country house." Sunny, Kunming Lake, Sheung Shui, Qi Piao opaque, Tower of Buddhist Incense, Pai Yundian floating in the atmosphere in the water, like mountains pavilion. Empress namely a super-fans, where to have a activity, so she must have a location to live stage. Germany and the Summer Palace park in the big stage and the smooth sounds Court Palace, Chengde Mountain Resort of the Qing Yinge together the 3 major stage, and this morality and the park is devised for large stage an built along the empress herself, and its size are the 3 opera Taichung's largest and most plush one, 2 total price of 70 million silver, took 4 annuals to complete, the Empress Dowager of luxury up from time to her husband than his necrosis much aggravate. Empress like the stir, Every time I listened the show, thrones and ministers approximately there must be accompanied to the lonely widower when the wayward to the theater when the theater.
Tak and Park screenplay staged occasionally for several days, but added that the needy of the imperial, the son of Sun-who can not calm for several days, soak them in the babbling of the libretto, was tortured feel dizzy even concern prepared for him, no really simple.Summer Palace, Tower of Buddhist Incense in the east, there is a cried "Qian Feng Cai Cui," the fortress, where outlooking is no only a good place, alternatively a guardian of the Empress of the barrier. Legend, Empress visit once to discern Park Hill has a village outdoor the south-east, where it is inquired his entourage, who lived around the castle, lived, and approximately the same time under house arrest, where the respond may come up, so casually talking nonsense the words, "Lang village", too "Lang," especially with emphasis aboard the word. Empress one to pluck down her face, remained silent, frightened babies around who are afraid to breathe the air. Empress is the incipient sheep, the wolf is sheep's normal enemies, so she was especially inhibit, "the wolf" symbol. She "Lang Chuang" misinterpreted as possessor a place 6 wolves, 6 wolves eyeing the garden appearance, how can we not pins and needles superstitious Queen Mother? So Ximing the Empress instantly sent out a checkpoint in this building, watching closely Lang village movement, alarm of the wolf truly ran to her to attempt whichever. Capitol earth aggression she failed to prevent the generation of tigers, but then a small village Rokuro heart, this woman is truly preposterous to the extreme.
This picture was taken in 1879, the Qing Yi Yuan (Summer Palace) was destroyed British and French troops looted, have not yet nailed. The emperor's residence at the Summer Palace is the Lan Yu Tong, who ambition to renew the glory yet eventually the Royal Empress treatment of the emperor, in a energetic Hundred Days Reform movement, lost his own pro-aunt. Yu-Lan Tong gate and has two "picture-stone", a witness to the history of the Hundred Days Reform. June 1898, the emperor issued an edict Reform in an venture to retention the uncertain Qing country. Radical political reform policies infuriated the diehards, led by the empress, and empress, unwilling to own hands clenched hand over power. Despite her pro-nephew, Kuang Hsu, the pertinacity for power spade out women still must this stumbling block. Guangxu aunt for the brutal dispositions can be said namely well understood, in order to save lives, he was designated an exception Yuan, merely to the Luanchenzeizi hand, gave his life. One day in September 1898,beijing day trips, Tan Interview with Yuan Shikai, Kangkaichenci, raised an army encircle of the Summer Palace to persuade the Yuan, to wrench from the Empress by her years of Qing Shi escrow regime.
Yuan tears, put on a fight to the death royalist posture, but his heart is quite remove, the reformers of their own is not good at always. Tan had worked, rushed to Tianjin Yuan, Governor of Zhili Rong Lu base, the dynasty contrive arrange for each word out. Rong Lu immediately return to Beijing, the night the door opened to the Summer Palace, the Empress year-old lover,beijing city tour, in times of emergency to save his own wife a life, puts the Qing Dynasty as a last hope to put out the fire. Early the next a.m., the Empress rushed back to the Forbidden City, staged a coup and imprisoned the emperor, once again behind a screen. Soon, the empress ordered his craftsmen to Yu Lan Tang dynasty, in adding to live outside the house with brick entire the aisles are dead, the dynasty jailed the park, and shipped from the Fragrant Hills Park, two pieces of Providence "Picture Rock" on the palace next to punish dynasty's "heartless absence of filial piety." Empress of the care and thought just buffet his own against a slap in the face, since "there are people of the feelingful rock," then why did she so merciless dynasty it?
Summer Palace, after the dust settles, the seizure of power in 1900, this royal palace was once again the multinational gangsters. Xi'an Empress led the dynasty ran speedily fled, leaving the Summer Palace to the Boxer Rebellion of a trampling. The second year, the Empress back to Beijing, she seems to take entities that outsiders do not feel bad, the use of large sums of money and then repair the Summer Palace. Soon, the woman named Empress pull it sat unaffected Longevity Hill and enjoy a mythological belonged to her.

beijing 1 daytime tour

beijing daytime trips

magnificent walls tour

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