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Beijing Private Tour

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PostPosted: Wed 12:03, 06 Apr 2011    Post subject: Beijing Private Tour

Twine track No. 3 Hospital, is the merely original part of the existing house beam. Facing south, massive character shade wall street. Door to 1, down 4 blocks, as co-Valpy story ridge. Gates are two great gingko tree, marked the history of the archaic hospital. Tree after the prologues of a Taihu stone, banners for the "Spring Valley." Daqing couplets on either sides of stone, inscribed: "Quan Cong Jiandi sounds diarrhea," "King painted side of the tip closing Heaven"; on the back as: "lax all the antique Dragonscale encircle" "Lo Shan Dai with ego loop." All the Qianlong Yubi is Yuanmingyuan relics. Jin, Shek Mun, east rockery, a Western-style two-story mansion west, the north Chinese architecture.
West of the small building that is Qingfeng Ge, can pass to the west of the large ballroom. This Court is designed to enjoy the scenery secondhand in the downstairs sitting apartment for women. House Miankuo 5, all with front porches on the lower deck, and benches railings. Beifang 3, previously foreign alive apartment. Specifically remedy foreigners. Roof for the hard ridge of Mt Hewa hoop pate, left and right with three penthouse,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with a corridor in front. Eastern Corridor Gallery and gardens ascending phase. Existing small garden (the original fish Lane 4 North Court is the garden, after the removal), garden rockery, reservoirs, bridges, pavilions, Xuan savor. Rockery eastern peak save a turn kiosk, painted Soviet-style painting, with benches below the railings, the platform thanks to the original West Pavilion, around the pavilion, but after the Yueya He is a curved after another, three exquisite small bridge on the creek . Rockery built a mountain east of homeopathic Gallery, Gallery in the construction of a Hin, collusion between the two volumes take the building. Gallery in through the north side, off the west side and the living room connected with the Northwest Pacific. This park is small, but contract,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], very special.
The house is now a unit of dwelling, issued in 1984 as a cultural relics protection units, Dongcheng District. Drum Tower in Dongcheng District, No. 7,9 alley south hat children. This is the text of Yu Qing Dynasty scholar's garden part of the house. This house is divided at the subsequent sale of stamps, gardens and housing is not longer the same, and from the south it opened a door into the alley cap 9 babies. This is a two into the garden, the former East and West have a veranda with almost the same, and now the west part of the verandah has been removed, you can also alteration the access door. East veranda only preserved, but can not longer pass into the east from the veranda at the. This garden has transform a separate building - can park. The newly opened gate is a very meek two-fan Xiaohongmen, two rooms facing the South, the East there is a aisle through the channel, will appear in front of a rockery, a few bamboo rods came from the foot Xieshen. There is a mountain on the left after another winding route, work amenable along the way, suddenly saw a cave, on a stone across, inscribed "Youjing" word.
Through the cave, suddenly, garden factories, leaving only two small stones road. A doorway to the northern end of the main building, take "roundabout Department, Buddhist temple deep vegetation" means. The other one is curtate, can be through the east corridor of open Hin. The cave, turn right over a small stone bridge, up to quit by the top. Exit the cave is also a horizontal stone, carved "beat the wall." In the rockery eastern tip save a hut corner kiosk, painted full of Soviet-style painting. Standing kiosks and looked down to see panoramic outlook of garden green, green trees, a Bay water from east to west, by the rockery, roundabout through the bridge before. Rockery painted engraved the east veranda, veranda there is a higher east of the rockery, there are three open Xuan Xie Shanding the highest in the last (now in the hospital 7). This is covered in pine, locust, persimmon, cedar,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], clove and other trees and factories in the park, but also dotted with sculptured the eroded limestone, stone sundial by the knife, the sword in the majestic stone stone blocks, the embedded a chip of 1 meter long, width of 0.3 meters of stone, a letter "to park", the inscription clearly visible. Park North for five main building, large-type hard-Hill co-tile roof, painted the amount of Soviet-style painting Fang. About the three penthouse. Between the cardinal building out the original couplet "the most tough Jiake to the wind and rain, mounds, depends on the landlord Yin." Rooms and corridors connecting the east, this veranda gradually from high to low along to the mountain through the back garden.
Entered the behind garden, we ambition watch a rockery, barriers Side Xiecha yard from the east, the additional side of the waterside rockery around the Northeast. Under waterside cave, rocks respective to ring around a cavity, the original pavilion namely also approximately the pool period winding, fraught after the liberation. Huaiyin garden after garden is also odor the wind, very calm. Throughout the entire park, yet meters long, 30 meters broad, the sometime Park Lichtung, secluded backyard music, chiefly small and varied scenery structure in less than 3 thousand square meters of garden, pavilion, table, pavilion, pavilion, bridge have their own specifics, well mobilized, the limited space cleverly composed a great diversity of landscape. Park is small, yet very jolly averaging, Brideshead Revisited Lord appointed as "may park." The construction of garden ideas, the nephew of Yu Wen, Zhi Bingbushangshu can park and because the pills have formulation.
The house changed hands several periods presently afterward, he sold Feng Guozhang, Zhang Lanfeng and so above. After the liberation of the Korean Embassy had done, and immediately the park as a unit dormitory. Western part of the garden passageway were cleared, 7 of Shangxuan rockery courtyard have been converted into housing, they assemble on the north side of a two-story modern building. Can park was announced as the 1984 Beijing cultural relics protection units.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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