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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Wed 10:10, 06 Apr 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

Turret of the system, the onset is also ancient, as far as "Textual Research": "Palace corner of the system of 7 pheasant, pheasant city nine corner of the system." Note says: "Palace corner, that corner corner drifting cities meditation of it." Shu says: "muse small building is also movable." Described upon as early as the Zhou Dynasty in BC, in the turrets of the Palace and the city has been set. Future generations is also no deficit of historical records of the turret to testify that after has been more general in Miyagi, the chief of Siyu has a turret. In Beijing Liao, Jin, Yuan's walls, turrets, nevertheless not explicit documented,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but in the Yuan Dynasty City Wall in the northeast corner, there are still remains of a square pier, the stage when there are turrets like the building, or that "Mark Baltic Travel Notes "in the so-called the" Palace. "
Turret was built in the Ming Dynasty, the existing orthodox four years (1439), due to the age Ming city wall Cheng Yuan, Ming Zhu Di construction Taizong Beijing Palace, on the walls also made excellent alterations. Seventeen years of Yongle (1419) the south wall of the city wall south, east and west Chang'an Avenue line from this show to Zhengyangmen, Chongwenmen, Xuanwumen line, although the city wall were changed thatch, but "on the city, the shop floor system which have by far arranged "and accordingly to the formal recovery of life the first year of the capital nine tower construction, construction of the first month the emulating year. According to that "Hidemune Record": "(Orthodox) April Heigo four years, building the capital gatehouse, moat, Qiaozha achieved. ... ... City Siyu Li turret." This is a turret of the Ming Dynasty City Wall Beijing clearly documented, it is also a founding age. Since then either turret fix history. Years of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong of the spire have also been conducted on large-scale repair or upkeep, when the turret is no exception. Have to be repaired between the Republic of China, will be painted inside a large wooden architecture, painted full house, is immediately changed.
Turret external wall was established in prominent square base,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], platform 12 meters tall, 39.45 meters long base, altitude, 15 meters long, 17 meters tall, 29 meters-high. The outer corner of the corner architecture established forward the metropolis of Taiwan, the plane was colt chart, four brick wall, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, 2 massive ridge in the corner of the crossing into a across, gray Tongwa green neat, green glass ornaments Shoutou spinal col. Building body outdoor the eastern, the two spacious surfaces to the southwest and west and north sides of face, are the provision of the pointer skylight, too understood as perforation. Total: the eaves in a row, three rows beneath the eaves, roomy face 14 cavities in every row, side 4 holes in each row, a aggregate of 144 holes. Floor inside the body (behind) entire out with the cardinal mansion Baoxia, which are also corner into the corner apartment, the provision of 2, one west, one north. Let mullioned windows ashore the gate. Kim Joo-20 set inside the building, advocate beams, set perforation, the arranging of layer layers. Entire layer place of 701.3 square meters of construction.
Removed after the founding of the wall segment by section, south-east corner of the city along the Beijing Railway Station, built in 1958, Yi Yin affected, leaving only the turret city of Taiwan and the airing section of the wall approximate the West-meter was made by the cultural relics management department a few simple protective fathom residual turrets and walls not been broke. Only in the "Cultural Revolution" period, was man-made dispose, paired with ruined, destroyed lost more solemn. In 1981 the administration allocated the renovation, repair achievement in 1983. According to the conviction does not change the aboriginal state of repair, restoration of the Republic of China to resuscitate after years of renovation. And the establishment of the custody, readiness of exhibitions opened to tours. The temple faces south, creating years without examination. The original building to the rear gate total of three.
A door, Miankuo 5.8 meters, 3.2 meters depth, brick-style Xieshan Tongwa big top, with a kiss on the beast and the hanging animals, Pai valley drips, yellow glazed tile trim, stone treads and a four. The door on the amount of curtate stone plaque: "The largest Buddhist temple Chici protect the nation popularizing" nine words. Gate on each side of the side door, the small brick-style hard mountain ridge Tongwa hoop pate, also with a row of valley drips. Miankuo 2.6 m, 1.4 m depth. Front hall for the King Hall, three, Miankuo 13.5 meters. Depth 8.2 meters, large-type hard mountain Tongwa transfer large ridge. For Jieyin Dian, five Miankuo 19.4 m, 12.4 m depth, large-type hard mountain Tongwa yellow glazed tile dome, Revolving painting, ahead a gallery, with the platform. Penthouse of the three sides, Miankuo 10.5 meters, 6.6 meters deep into the huge swallow gallery-style hard-Hill Tongwa.
The five things side auditorium, Miankuo 19 meters, 11 meters depth, large-type hard mountain ridge Tongwa transfer large, the sometime along a gallery. Suspended between the middle of the Ming empire, the value of 11 Fang, "Kok Yuen Chee Ling" Mubian. Two stone in front of the auditorium, one as "The Emperor reconstruction of the temple inscriptions," Block Party dragons, smokes carved blocks, 3.9 meters high monument, 0.3 meters thick,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ten year dynasty carved, merely unfortunately the inscription can no be identified fuzzy. Another memorial similar size, age are the same as the set of nice porridge plant tablets. Yang Wen value "set good porridge factory", the amount of negative text "as owed a total of" affirmative reading: "give birth Censorate Scholars have left the history of inspectors the right-wing deputy Luo Xuezi and three feel the amount of the British dark theme ... ... empire XI July. "Bei Yin as a set of good porridge 1st object colleagues factory name, the Ming Dynasty have been base in recent years and Duanbei, from the Ministry of Heritage preservation.
In period, a large Buddhist temple made the East side hall Circulation (selling Buddhist), Temple is still the lower house of the Western Regions. Temple courtyard into a martial arts field, for folk to train wrestling. After the liberation, the steel front of the temple part of China for the poly plant, the latter chapter of the art afford and personal Real Hope Vocational tutorial schools. But the Buddhist priests are still in rotation by the temple. In 1957, the priests began to converge on the temple began to be dismantled.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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