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Beijing Private Tour

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PostPosted: Thu 7:22, 07 Apr 2011    Post subject: Beijing Private Tour

Jiaoren (1882-1913) epoch of democratic revolution of the politicians. Taoyuan County of Hunan Province people. Nanjing Provisional Government shook north in 1912, early in April 1912 in Beijing became capital of Agriculture and Forestry. Tendered his resignation in July that year. Night of 20 March 1913 while the motorcar northwardly, was assassinated in Shanghai Yuan sent the station. Jiaoren as had lived in Yichang Forestry General Chun Tang. The end of 1912 departed Beijing. Jiaoren killed after the sacrificial spirit in which they stay north of Spring Church built Jiaoren monument, fortress ground. Bluestone brick spire with the leaves, almost 2 meters tall, carved Jiaoren monument. Planting approximately pine.
Beijing Zoo Panda in the back of this would be near Fang Xuan, Linhe built. Four Martyrs is Pengjia Zhen, Yang Yu-chang, Huang Meng, Zhang Xianpei tomb. Drum Jia Zhen (1888 - 1912), Jintang County of Sichuan Province. January 26, 1912 at Beijing Hutong killed and four were red Luo Socialist Party chairman Liang Bi (Liangbi impede the Qing dictator abdicated), the unfortunate shot in the head, the spot sacrifice. Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing Provisional Government to ratify it as the President Great General, posthumous name averaging muscular public. Yang Yu Chang (Sichuan chief County of the Beijing Qinghe Army secondary school teachers), Huang Meng (Guizhou your building County, Beijing Army meter school students), Zhang Xianpei (Guiyang, Guizhou Province of the Beijing Hakka school students) in 1912 January 16 day because of the Yuan Dong Hua Men Avenue Mouci tries. Arrested for assassinate. To celebrate the four sufferers, in August 1912 to establish four martyrs in this tomb. Tomb of bluestone built with the leaves, sit for the normal octagonal base, erect a monument to Chiang Kai-shek, stone "drum, Yang, Huang, Zhang Tomb of four martyrs." Miss Mo Ke is the French biologist, in China, contributed to learn biology. Academia Sinica by the time a group of Western-style buildings in this small building, three-storey, floor, south of the megalopolis inscribed with "Miss Mo Ke Church," the word, memorial. Park buildings are relics of Leshan announced for Beijing cultural relics protection units. Mo Ke Tong Lu, Xicheng District, has been announced as cultural relics.
In Shichahai West Northwest isle. Before the Ming Yongle, previously Hokkeji, likewise known as the town water Guanyin Temple. Twenty-six years the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1761) rebuilt. Renamed Huitong Temple. Twenty-six years of Qianlong Emperor Hui Tong Temple poem: "A Lake Pavilion Forest embankment, aboard either sides of the water level from the additional. Fuyan films Fang Ji Sheng, Murakami fans corner folk hope." "Smoke Yaoxian temple wall of red, twinkling Ling Hui Tong Temple arrived. rain merely method even now been finalized Ming Meng, a suburb that is to see juvenile wheat Peng. "Temple faces south. Gate an,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xie Shan Tong Wa transmit colossal ridge top, stone coupons gate, gate embark two. Three front auditorium, a colossal ridge of hard mountain tune, Tongwa top, allocated elements of the three things, the hard mountain tune roofs. House Miankuo after 3, two-story front of the building out of Villa, transfer large hard mountain ridge, Tongwa top chapter namely hanging out Xuan mountain ridge 4 purlin Juanpeng hoop brain, side lobby three entities the hard mountain top transfer large ridge Tongwa , plaque, cried "Chaoyin Phor Kark", "economy power and profit." Cinei a rock chip, patterns such as fowl lion, stone lion, said fowl, chicken left to right propelled the Lions right-down V-type, "Yan Du Zayong" this description: "Color the Wind show different fresh attitude, shaking glorious day a dignified means. meteorite angels into agreeable institutions, no exhausted the number of weird annual off. "approximate the water off, stone dragon in the south. Stone Town, namely sculptured in stone the water on the animal's legs in a crawling giant. Length of 1.90 meters.
Huitong Temple was built subway entire the demolition, removal of the sometime than for the native system. Has been rebuilt, merely the water off and stone dragon is not longer intact. Roots in the South Street Xicheng District, west of Imperial City, the miso Square, East Side, the northbound lane. Liqin Wang appoint on benefit of the good, the second child is Nuerhachi. The early Qing Wang founding one of the 8 steel hat. Back in customs, that is, established at reiterated military exploits in the Sung Dynasty (1636) for the closure, and Liqin Wang Shuo. Junji died after six years into the customs (1649), inherited along Seven full Tatsumi, Junji 9 years (1652) died, his son often Adai Xijue, Junji sixteen years (1659) for retrieval of full Tatsumi of the crime, reduced to Baylor, Sun Jie, in lieu of good books of the passage Liqin Wang Jue, change the title for the health of Wales. Since then the book are one inherited Jie. Wang Jie Kang pro book thirteen years in the dynasty of Emperor Kangxi (1674) as arrayed commons, infantry put down rate of the Eight Banners, "San Francisco", overcame Fujian Jing Nan Wang Geng Jingzhong, highly decorated. Forty years of Qianlong (1778) Jie Sun Yongen paperback was No. Liqin Wang Fu. To "Xiao Ting Miscellany," a book that is handed down Liqin Wang Zhao Lian son of Prime. The final generation (the twelfth generation) Liqin Wang Shi Duo, Daoguang three years (1850) Xijue, Guangxu was military secretary. Jackson State dead until after the Qing Dynasty.
Liqin Wang is not the first house here on behalf of the House of goodness, because the chief is full of early passage Tatsumi, number changing, Prince Xun, Xun in his palace at the other, or that the original Palace observance. Outstanding book here is the Xifeng government after the address siting fashionable. The beginning of construction of the administration, supported Emperor Kangxi decreed life earth, and even division officials Fuchu Dedication furnishings also can be prefect luxury level. Prince Kang Jie book is hereditary, so the government palace also known as Kang. Forty years of Qianlong (1778), when recovery Liqin Wang of the title, renamed the Palace observance. House in Jiaqing years (1807) was devastated by bombard, by the then Liqin Wang Zhao Lian financing in redevelopment, that is, the address of the existing. Palace grand scale, covering a broad, massive folding doors households Shensui courtyard. Like the overall layout and the other palace, the palace structure in miniature. Road is the main building, two hours before and after. From outside the front entry within Yuanqiang (palace), the main hall and the pinion on both sides,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rear and side halls hatchback. Since the rear and into the courtyard, ahead the interior door (b palace),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], front, rear hall and its hatchback allocated units, the last floor for the back cover. Higher levels of the compound was different characteristics, and other palace. West of the original building for the pavilion, now most of the demolition and reconstruction, few remaining houses, the original outward has been undiscovered; East surviving a few yards, but also most of the reconstruction, face None.
Cang Palace in Beijing for North China Institute of depression during the provision of educate buildings, has continued to this school, the state took over the North China organs, corporations and units exercised a large number of cadres. North China University completed its historical task to the Central Ministry of the Interior after (afterward changed to Ministry of Civil Affairs) office space. Central units still occupied today. No major alterations in the chief castle structure, preserved, issued in 1984 as the Beijing cultural relics protection units. In Xicheng District, Hou Haixi by 13 - 19 numbers. Ruby Bridges is situated in the northeast, forward the Shichahai Houhai Xi. Xicheng District, is now published as cultural relics. Was built is unknown. Forty four years of the Qing Emperor Kangxi (1705) rebuilt. Forty four years of the Qing Emperor Kangxi Annei savant Zhang Yushu essays monument, usually falsely Yongquan Temple. Sitting south. Central axis with the gate and the main hall. Gate three, via Miankuo 10.40 meters, 5.20 meters deep into the pass, transfer large hard mountain ridge, Tongwa top. Facing the South East has five campus-wide, the East Room of five, South room four. Facing the South West Interdisciplinary have two, the West apartment five, South room two. This is only a small gate and the main hall of Buddhist temples.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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