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large walls tour

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PostPosted: Fri 11:32, 08 Apr 2011    Post subject: large walls tour

Slaughter pavilion located outside the west wall by the south side of the altar, yellow glass Tongwa Xieshan Ding, Zhong Yan corners, three on every side of the wide, well a well-ground kiosks, kiosks massacre slaughtered before attempting mashes for the premises. A cheap wall nigh its external care: from the altar wall of the Western Wall. In the middle of the north wall of glass doors of a masonry structure, yellow glass Tongwa Xieshan Ding, Miankuo a north and south sides of vinyl Alice Green glass unattached three foot brackets, the door to pull voucher type. Altar wall outside the perimeter of almost 2015 meters, in the east door of the east wall Piyou three: the south, said a boat avenue door, yellow glass Tongwa Peak, Miankuo five, into the deep three, this door may be reached in Tiananmen Square. Said the boat left the middle of a door, yellow glass Tongwa Xieshan Ding, Miankuo three, deep into one, which may reach the door-side door.
Northeast ship in front of the gate in the p.m., the right gate to the west of Que, a Miankuo three of them into the deep an, is too a yellow cup Tongwa Xieshan Ding, a side door above either sides are Miankuo one.In increase apt the main building and ancillary buildings, yet now other buildings among the Zhongshan Park, are the Republic of China because three years (1914) gradually adding apt the construction or relocation, such as: the external walls of the south wall of the altar, facing the Jinshui west side where the white stone bridge in the Republic of China for three years shortly afterward the park opened for a garden door to guests out for the south gate of Zhongshan Park, Ji Jin of the main entry; the door is likewise a yellow glass Tongwa Xieshan Ding, Miankuo one, deep into a , the lower part of the stone Xu Mizuo, pluck coupons type openings, meantime the wealthy two. Republic of four years (1915) in addition, opened the direction to the altar wall of the Forbidden City at the West Gate of the Park north gate, namely is the back door. And after outside the altar wall in the West opened up the park Simon. Wall, including the altar outside the eastern gate, bulldozing Stones for the rockery,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], built on its 6 square cedar across Tsui Ting; airing door in the East South Construction Investment Forum Pavilion boiler, do antique games. Also built in the southeast turn of the altar Lai Jin Yu Xuan, the southwest edge of the altar built in the shape of the Bi yarn B Fang, Chun Ming Building, painting studio and so on. The maximum distinctive architecture is moved to the new Raymond Tang Hua Ting and the dock.
Raymond is a hexagonal pavilion save Pavilion, the sometime Administrations for Frontier Minorities Temple in the Qing Dynasty, civil and naval officials for entering the Beijing crowd with the Emperor and diplomatic envoys before the discipline protocol accustomed, Power Allied Forces intruded Beijing, the Administrations for Frontier Minorities Temple destroyed, the Pavilion is moved to the Ministry of Rites. Republic of four years and moved to the park outside the southern altar, as the landscape garden pavilion for outlooking. Tang Hua construction of the building dock is adding the most human interested in building the altar in the south west outside the roundabout road at the south, a total of fourteen, in the middle is a pavilion roof eaves octagonal Lu, connecting both sides of the glass house, its shape favor Chuyan wings. Republic six years (1917) and from the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park Board moved to was built in Qianlong "semi Pavilion eight columns" and "Orchid Pavilion" Monument, built in the park ahead the age of 70 booths on exhibit. Republic of China 7 years (1918) sun in the garden at the southwest mountains, with dry cypress for a col, to build a slate tile witty as the Quartet, kiosks, shrieked "Ying Hui Ting." Republic of seven archaeological sites in Hebei name was excavated one pair of stone lions intact, after the Beijing Games, let stand in a park outside the South altar, built in white marble altar shiting outside a north, the dome of eight columns, pillars engraved ancient maxim of Famous People, called "motto Pavilion."
Republic of 8 (1919) moved within the park's south gate of the third floor of building a four-poster, blue glazed tile roof, white cruel pillars of the Monument Square Tower, in the medium of a Western country in the fashion neatness, serious and beauteous memorial Square originally located in Dongdan Avenue crossing, appoint "Ke Linde Square", the Qing reign, twenty 8 (1902) in consensus with the humiliation of the "Boxer Protocol" provides for "commemorative" in the Qing dynasty, XXVIII (1900) Boxer campaign of the German Minister to China in Brooklyn slew built. 1918 World War I, Germany was vanquished the Allies (China is also a member of the Allies),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Beijing demolished this public humiliation of the arch. In 1919, the Allies side in France to come forward to move to Germany ambition be repaired arch Zhongshan Park, renamed the "km over Square", after the liberation changed its appoint to "defend the peace," the arch, along the Comrade Guo paperback heading. In addition to the above, the park has year after year to add some mend and construction of buildings and facilities, but also for reconstructing devastated the altar of the style of the elemental boat has for decades, with the scale we see today.
In Xicheng District in chief, east Fuyou Jie, Xidan North Avenue West merely. Ling Ji Ming Temple said, the starting of Yongle Emperor officials said while the son of Five Dynasties and the Southern Tang Xu Xu Wen Xu know-e card and know God, and the gods Colonial Chengzu imagine match. Chengzu ailment Fujian Xu Temple worked to pray when the narcotic, the results of narcotic to the disease, so it ordered the construction of Yongle Emperor Ling Ji Temple, Yongle fifteen years (1417) established the orthodox premier year (1436) rebuilt, the author has set out Yingzong monument. Xu Si-known authorization, know-e two brothers gave Minghong En Ling Ji Temple, stamp card known as the "Nine Jinque Dade Tai Sin Ming Lifeline exposition of micro-dong Yuan Ching Chong Xu Miao people a sense of euthanasia shelter En Zhenjun protect the nation", to know -e as the "nine days help instruct the Venerable Jade Sin Que Zhaoling Bo Gao Zhan Wang Miao Ying Yan Jing Hui Chong Fu Yau Man En Zhenjun country." Exercises had been spent, Palace of the Republic of China, said Ji Ling Ling in front of the lane to track environment. Alley north of this frame Shiban Fang Ling headlines, two alley in infrastructure construction area and base the root of underground goes of ancient buildings. Is the cement rammed world, rammed earth divided fourth step altitude of 4.5 meters, the place is great. Found merely 32 meters from east to west, north to south and 20 meters. Ling Ji Temple suspected basis year.
Xie Jie, Xicheng District, northbound in the rice. Zhang Zhidong (1837-1909), filial fidelity of the word, the word Tao Hong, Dusk prop ice, Zhili (now in Hebei Province) South people. Late Faction chairmen. Hanyang Iron Works was founded, Daye Iron Mine, Hubei Guns factory to supervise Han Railway. Advocate oppression of the Boxer Rebellion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to promote "school for the body, Western studying for use" of Westernization methodology. Author of "Complete Works of Zhang Wenxiang." Larger house, the door in the rice Leaning Tower, outside a screen wall, mounting stone, temperament door wall. Door housing a lot, before the sea after the Pro Shichahai. Have characterized the three buildings facing the sea is flown alongside the small building and in front of the Hua Ting. Hua Ting two, circled with galleries, gray altitude smallpox. Seven in the House, which is a tall outline construction, and Taiwan for the bricks of the mystery, 5 Miankuo East Building, second floor, front and rear with the Gallery, West Building Miankuo six, two-story, front and rear with a gallery, glass doors and windows. Hospital there are other buildings, building a corridor among the chained. Now the official dwelling, keeping the original building building.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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