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beijing voyage package

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PostPosted: Thu 9:16, 24 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing voyage package

large gray district plant fossils. Large ash plant is located in Fengtai District piedmont area, among which the distribution of Ordovician and Cretaceous group of the East and large gray wolf groove formation in plants and other Tertiary Changxindian conglomerate rock. Geologists in the Cretaceous and Tertiary strata, a few fossils were found: an group of Cretaceous membrane of East Wolf of small ditch gastropods, bivalves, ostracods microfossils, fish class scale and plate, and fossil pollen; Second, a large ash plant Formation of gastropods, bivalves, conchostracans, ostracods, insects, fish and other fossils, including the famous Jehol A typical group of fossils - Lycoptera Oriental conchostracans, 3 to be ephemera, etc.; third is the age Tertiary strata in the freshwater gastropod, mammals, fish and so ashore. Study of these fossils and geological functions approximately the ground during the antique weather, fluvial-lacustrine context alteration has an important signification of the times.
Under Austin Reed - Ding Beach trilobite fossil strata. Cambrian strata in order to solve the department of Western Hills of Beijing, many older geologists under the special attention of the Mentougou Austin Reed - Ding stratigraphic section of Beach. 1934, Zhang WY, Li Tang, the 1st time in the secretion of other strata in a large number of trilobite fossils. Trilobites are the emergence of a Precambrian arthropod early to late it has entered the pinnacle phase of the Cambrian, Silurian and then gradually ebb to the late Permian period completely extinct. Up to 10,000 kinds of its kind around the globe,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in China there are more than 1000. The fossils of early Paleozoic strata department has important implications for, cherish and enjoy and also that value.
ash valley Carboniferous - Permian strata fossils. Valley namely situated in the east gray Mentougou, the military village northwardly of here for the typical development of a Upper Paleozoic Carboniferous - Permian system outline, for many prominent Chinese and foreign geologists care. They repeated visits, has in the gray ravine Dongshan quarry and the upper beam Carboniferous argillaceous limestone, we found a long carton with the rich body shell, Shi Yan, crinoid stems, corals, and tongue-shaped shell ( sea ??bean buds) and fossils. In the Carboniferous, Permian system of dirt pages, and found 2 apt 3 million years antecedent a massive digit of fossils of the Paleozoic land plants, such for vein fern, fern wedge, subjects such for trees and wood scales. In addition, the North is a crack in the ash pile Village for the ruddy dirt, also found a large digit of large mammal fossils and fossil rodents, such as Jia-style badgers, rabbits and additional periods, a total of 20 species. These fossils preserved well, averaging either the regional stratigraphic correlation, has a definite polished worth.
rodents Zhoukoudian fossils rare northern tilt of Victoria Peak. Zhoukoudian in Fangshan District, north tilt of Victoria Peak, Cao Boxun and other scientists in the learn of rodents found in a number of rare fossils, and its variation of species including hamsters Yike Shi, the proposed variation of hamsters, rabbits and Apodemus Weng and so on. Yike Shi hamster variation in Shaanxi loess fossils by the bottom of the elapse have been discovered, paleomagnetic old of 240 years B. P. . The Zhoukoudian fossils of Victoria Peak is the same rodents produced in 12 places and 18 positions, according to North China Quaternary evolutionary history of mammals, projections, it ought be late Pleistocene strata (73 to 92 million years ago), so as to create Peak Group of the Lower Pleistocene criterion profile.
Yanqing Longwan petrified wood under the German. Germany in Yanqing County, under the thousands of Dianxiang Longwan group Jurassic sandstone and shale formation after the city, they have discovered fossils of petrified wood in Beijing only group. The so-called petrified wood, manner the plant has been petrified of the secondary xylem, its stuff composition, mostly silica, calcite, dolomite, limestone scales, brown steel mineral. Most of the petrified wood exposed vertical surface in a few square kilometers within a radius of about 40 strains, the largest diameter of 2.5 m and there are tens of centimeters, is generally 0.5 to 1.0 meters. Petrified wood exposed surface altitude and the color varies, and some almost 2 meters upon the ground, while others are just upon the ground; some color to gray, meantime others showed the gray and brown. In the across partition of petrified wood, and tin clearly see the beauteous rules of a circle, density and white rings; in longitudinal section, and can also see the subtle vertical texture and rugged, the fossil is about 1 cm thick bark.
According to some experts, most of these petrified wood in gymnosperms, conifers, has been 100 million 3 million years old. At that time, the Yanshan action, volcanic blasts, forest tracts to be buried underground, in the high-pressure oxygen environment, the slow penetration of water involving silica into the tree house, silica organic molecular replacement of the trees makeup, the building of trees preserved alphabetical stuff disappeared into the petrified wood. As the surface height, petrified wood exposed surface, fashioning today's exposed situation. Longwan petrified wood below the German, the exposed area of ??the large number of rich, thick diameter trees are infrequent in the nation, and now this area has opened as passenger blot.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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