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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Thu 11:44, 24 Mar 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

Fan cited Zong adjoin "days Zhi even heard" on the log, leaving the Qianlong phase, French and other celebrities in the Shichahai good feast when the engaged banks of the case:"Xi You Nosey, the Soviet Union in the North Shore looking to open brandy shop layer, Yaozhuan are imitation Southern cooking, dessert, particularly fine. Xiaolou Second Ying, facing the lake. The new charge when families Takayanagi shaking windows. Two or 3 friends, life calls food wine term of people will go a long way Wind Lake Restaurant Filled. Mr. Qin Xi Xi Weng circular the poet had set in the lake,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], canteens, a every month poetry. momentary envy of the gods of human groups. If French flare, Helan Shi, Gu Nanya, Wang Ti-husband, Zhang Shan, Song and Shibayama Morohito are. "
"Wei Lu Collected Works" with "web affair Lake canoeing mind": "has d Aug. 29, my colleagues feast Tong Cheng Yao-tert-section of the lake, shake with Zhuzhong I, Yao Zhong real, Framatome, Bo set in the Ming Hou room quickly, personalty of Autumn more feet of new diseases, Xu and Zheng Qiang of Dengzhou. is the seventh daytime to the human who, Peng Yizhong end to, and at fewest middle-aged, Block played by Lin Dan, Zhang Yang Han people. "Memories siege the scene a hundred annuals antecedent today reading is still vivid, as in the front, favor the ground, feel the pride of the infection for the ancients.Finally, we can not forget that in the former, after the sea border Yinding Bridge. Here the "silver bullion Mountain View" has been passed to Yanjing Eight (actually should be called Yanjing small Eight)."An appearance Yinding Bridge in North Haizi three bridges north of the cause to look this city of water first must win at Western Hills. Bridge things are water, water chestnut mushroom Netherlands Po, Yi, the color does not cover occupied by the antagonist." ("Yan Du Tour Notes "), the scenery here praise the ancients said:" The Drum Tower after the west bay, Yinding Bridge across among sunset; different T.-P. with too fluid, persist to send Yao Shan Ching Tsui. Huai old loose in the courtyard, between the years in Wonderland famous sheng ; pearly tea first, then refining division long, cool spring nightfall crow also. "(" West Pei Yin Dingqiao old home poetry class had issued ").
Shichahai Research Council, according to statistics of the ages, there are numerous male of letters, literati leave footprints in the Shichahai, or write poems Shichahai, and Shichahai forged a bond. These include: three periods Zhi, Zhao Meng Yuan, Ming Li Dong, Yuan Zongdao, dao, Yuan medium, Qing Zha Shenxing, Nalanxingde, Banqiao, Lin Qing, Zeng Pu, modern Qi Whitehead, Lu Xun, Guo, Lao She, Fu heart, Chang Dai-chien, Zhang Boju, Chen Yuan, Liang Shuming and so on.The fifties of final century, tens of thousands of people's administration of a renewed Shichahai dredging project to partake in, breakdown of the banks, silting of waterways and the environment lotus defeated Liu has suffered fundamental alterations. In particular, in 1984, Tsinghua University teachers and students via the maneuvering, Shichahai zone has conducted a large-scale remediation. Ice dredging, bank fix walls, dike water warehouse, recycling green space, planting trees and grass, open up the circulate, and gradually reinstated at nigh ten attractions.
After another eight years of common planning, Shichahai has began to become a famous historical and cultural tourist scenic areas, rehabilitation of a colossal digit of new recreational, food, folklore, culture, sports, recreation, service facilities and many other features. A smart, wealthy, Jingwei rich and heritage of the Shichahai, will serve as a citizen cultural institutions show a rare resort to show in the country, in front of people around the earth.Beijing Garden Because of its geographical conditions and historical backdrop, form their own special style. Beijing North Garden is the representative of the garden, but also representatives of the Royal Garden, also known as the Northern normal imperial garden. We are simply gardens and southern gardens in Beijing compared to each other's differences and characteristics of manifest, and its garden can be briefed Beijing the following characteristics:First, large-scale, magnificent. Beijing gardens, especially the Ming and Qing dynasties left the garden, mostly Emperors Palace Fountain Park creating objects high, imposing, magnificent, and the layout on the points in the entire park front lobby, the nave and the apse, to take axial symmetry, to show the power of the feudal emperor supreme. These are of Shang Lin Yuan Imperial Garden, and some bear the feature of dealing with happenings of state, so magnificent structure, splendid, showing fabulous elegance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], illustrious unparalleled style, coupled with climatic and geographical elements north to form garden in Beijing unique style and specifics.
North garden is mainly due to the natural environmental constraints,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], however the flat open, yet you may use the creeks, lakes, fewer than the South, the absence of stacked stone rockery; the garden to converge more ashore the unavoidable, "whereas as by the people, Naturalism," a cloud of of manpower and resources to create synthetic but is the "natural" landscape palace, by contrast, southern gardens have a peerless place. In short, the Beijing Royal Garden features a throne manner, large-scale, great, south garden is no the circumstance. By creating the masters of landscape is alter for different purposes, the natural surroundings and financial conditions are different, many different from the Beijing South Garden Royal Garden, the two gardens have their own distinctive mood.
Second, the noted garden air, and highlights garden. Highlights the so-called garden-style system, and chiefly refers apt the morality of the power of feudal emperors, centralized citizen fiscal, material and craftsmen, will be the core of domestic and alien various types of gardens and landscape poetry, the normal scenery described in the imaginary, Xianju phantom, transplantation was built in sham of the Royal Yuanyou, fashioning meta name Park, thousands of images of the landscape. This namely Beijing and the Chinese Classical Garden to the heyday of cultural development, a meaningful sign. Xiyuan Three sea, the Summer Palace, Qing Yi Park Royal Garden has such a function, in which "the garden of the Garden" Summer Palace namely particularly prominent. 19th century French writer Victor Hugo once complimented, said: "All human - virtually beyond the imagination of the people of the magic namely tin be created in entire, are in the Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan means) to be reflected upon."

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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