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beijing layover tour

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PostPosted: Fri 7:10, 25 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing layover tour

Beijing Badaling Great Wall is an of the most noted scenery, on the "Badaling" the origin of the name has all been alter attitudes, there are five chief "edition." Badaling from "Eight Ridge," named after the homonym. Because of the mountains with cascading, steep terrain, said that the Great Wall was built here to turn 8 in the turn, cross the eight major mountains, so this year the construction of the Great Wall is very complicated, difficult to transport mansion materials to the mountains, period postpone tin not achieve, there have been eight had died for their supervision.
Finally, the fairy touched, and to "mend the City Eight," alternatively "tiger sheep back harness with bridle, swallow heading Nihou stand ashore dissimilar, stone turtle package adviser bar rabbits, magpies bypass stack ice mart", and only then transporting establishing substances to the mountains, so people put this Great Wall known as the "Eight Ling Great Wall", and after on the homophonic names as "Badaling." Badaling from "Bada Ling," named after the homonym. According to legend, there was a Yuan Dynasty cried "Bada Lili," the Emperor this, see here Guanshan steep, Chong Luan Pinnacle, so long Yantai Yue, give here Ciming "Bada Ling", after the misinformation as the "Badaling." Say no to this fact, because of access to "ancient imperial disc," "Emperor of China Chronology" and "Chinese emperors reign handbook" and other historical materials, are detect no mistake in the Yuan Dynasty had cried "Bada Lili," the emperor. One is love but Lebanese uplift education Octopus, he is the fourth throne of the Yuan Ren. According to legend he was nativity in Yanqing County, where at Badaling, the name does include "Bada" word, maybe "Bada Lili" is a misrepresentation. If you meditation of the Yuan Emperor to Beijing each annual from Beijing to (in today's Inner Mongolia Balinzuoqi South) among the 1st, and have to pass via at Badaling, was the emperor of tall spirits Ciming "Badaling" is likewise a surely likely.
Badaling from "the Tatar," appointed afterward the homonym. According to legend, while the Ming Dynasty, the Badaling district became a frontier barricade Manchu legion, because clearly when the Manchu Han Chinese to the northeast known for "Tartars", so it was that the Badaling namely "the Tartars" (meaning Tartar of the ridge guarding) the harmonics, this controversy seems to be no cause. Because numerous people live in today, the Manchu in Liaoning, Jilin maximum areas are still far away from here, not appearance in the Pass, yet outside Shanhaiguan, and from here should be closer to the Mongols.
Badaling by the "eight Sandaoling" named after the homonym. Legend army uprising in the late Ming Li Zicheng rate of this movement, because off the metropolis accessible protected, blocked at the Great Wall outside army uprising, days not enter, Li Zi Cheng could not help but scalding with impatience. Spies then to report that there are eight in front of the relevant risks. Rereading After hearing to a long sigh: "Here it is difficult to over eight Sandaoling, it appears that storm is not enough!" Then orders the army diverted the uprising away, then here is called "eight Sandaoling" over time was homophonic to "eight up to Ridge. "
More than 4 versions is a legend, there is no accurate written records, difficult to validate. Actually, the most honest argument, should be "Chang Hakka" in the explanation: "The road from this point, amplifying in all instructions." Because the Badaling is the Pass of the foreign port, north to Yanqing, Akagi, Mongolia, west to Zhangjiakou,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Huailai , Xuanhua, Tatung, eastern to Yongning, the whole world, South to Changping, Beijing and other regions can be narrated as handy transmission connections,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so it is one important vehicle hub of ancient and defense outpost, known as "the first barrier north of Beijing," said.
"Looking back a hundred years the Great Wall" exhibition on display in Beijing silently in this small gallery, the exhibition is the 15 groups of old and new photos of the Great Wall. Each of the 2 photos are taken a position with the Great Wall, but may be separated by over a hundred years, and is the time in which the same position of the Great Wall has changed a lot. "Look at the same place in the old photos new photos taken, I found the Great Wall past and present familiar, which made me seriously think whether the Great Wall of how the alterations happened," Williams explained why he had to remake the old photos.
The exhibition is the photo of William owned a small portion of the Great Wall. He immediately has a accumulation of over 200 age photographs of the Great Wall, in 2004, he began to shoot age photographs. "I base antique photos of the shooting location, and then re-take a picture and see what happens", so that the control one at one, William was shot 50, which is yet 50 groups of old and current photographs, "I ambition continue shoot down, until entire can find old pictures in the movie afresh. " Luo Zhewen old man famous cultural relics specialists think this is a very nice way, for the study of cultural, heritage protection, he believes that "the old and fashionable photos taken this access,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you should study in many essential cultural relics conservation in use."
William's pertinacity with the Great Wall began 30 years ago, when he was 11 years old.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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