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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Thu 8:44, 24 Mar 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

Karst cave in Beijing so there are these spatial differences, the elementary controlling factor is the architecture and lithology. Other factors such as topography, climate, vegetation, soil, though influential, but the achieve is not very manifest. The emulating focuses on the geological architecture and rock properties from the two aspects of Beijing during the formation of karst development:
The general evolution of karst caves Beijing by both global and local structural ingredients. The so-called structural factors refer apt a whole wide scope of global tectonic system. Beijing Xishan karst cave Baihuashan syncline amplified in the wings, in the long geological history, the Western Hills and North Mountain seasoned a meaningful ebb in both, accepted the karst caves can build thick carbonate rocks, but too produced a dramatic orogeny, the cave in the fall or heave apt the 2 tectonic action, access apt physical and chemical properties of the erosion and collection conditions, primarily the chiefly Mesozoic Yanshan tectonic action, and formed a Baihuashan - Tiaojishan - Miaofengshan syncline, to approximately 70 around the North East, the 2 wings planned in the grounds of New and old sedimentary rock sequence, which can grow for a soluble salt karst rocks, such as limestone, dolomite, dolomitic limestone, siliceous dolomite and so aboard.
Exposed in Beijing a aggregate place of ??2,900 square kilometers. Settlement with one of the Yanshan area of ??the syncline southeast pinion of the most widespread karst cave roughly so Beijing southeast and northwest onward the exposed carbonate rocks with two zonal delivery pattern. Such as the notable cave in the southeast wing of the smoke tunnel, ape-man hole, Shihua, holes tunnel, Yin Hudong, West Cave, Fairy Cave; northwest wing away from the chief, transport facilities, anyhow its absence of systematic learn, so it has found small cave. Tibetan currently understood Longmen Jian Jian-dong, lodged in temples, public-dong Zhang, Qian Foya,Forbidden City Tour, etc., are very small scale. Development of local structural factors in the cave namely some small-scale faults. Groundwater along the fault district localized corrosion, erosion and gravitational breakdown, resulting in karst caves. Cloud tunnel that takes the fashion of a large north-south along the fault lines developed from a large cave.
The lithology of the development of karst cavesDevelopment of lithology on the spatial difference of the cave a large shock. In general, the Lower Paleozoic Ordovician Beijing limestone, dolomite, due to the thickness of a colossal rock, pure, embodying dirt, silica and flint bands less impurities, thick joints, flow outlet conditions are good, likened erosion corrosion full and mighty, so the formation of the cave is not only colossal cave, but there are several types of chemical deposition of the landscape, such as the Shihua, Yinhu Dong, pearly Tallinn hole and so on. The more impurities, the Upper Proterozoic rocks of soluble salts is not a good development of the landscape, the number of caves is defect in ... than the former. The greater thickness of soluble rock, the more pure components, attach with the combined effects of additional factors, the process of cave and karst phenomena of the more intense the greater the dissolution rate, so the cave is also the most fully developed. Otherwise poor.
And a kind of karst scenery cave and causes of gratitude, this writing can not be given for of space constraints introduced, but the perception namely naturally quite interesting, interested readers may wish to visit before you read something about books.Beijing epoch of development of karst caves, generally can be divided into 6 periods:① of the cave in northern Taiwan. That about 2000 million years antecedent Paleogene. At this time the formation of caves, mostly remaining apertures in the form maintained, more than 700 upon sea level to 800 meters altitude. Reaching for the Stars as altitude of the mountain peaks on the knob Chaoyang Dong, cave 732 m upon sea level; Jinshanling Great Wall in Miyun the next two holes, about 800 meters above sea level; Lotus Hill Township, Fangshan District historian Stone Church St. dressing a cave meters above sea level are generally this height.
Tang County of cave. Age around 600 million years ago around the Neogene. Then the crustal uplift, erosion pedestal level lowering, on the surface to form a stable planation surface, taking the level of underground caves are adult mainly in the form of karst caves. Altitude is usually 600 to 700 meters above Fangshan Yun tunnel, historians Township Qing Jian Dong-dong-liter of taint, erosion found level lowering, on the surface to form a stable planation surface, taking the level of underground caves are developed mainly in the form cave group. Altitude is usually 600 to 700 meters above Fangshan Yun tunnel, on the Jian Qing historian Township and West East-dong-dong, Chaoyang Dong rustic Miyun flare of the card, the west side of Mentougou Jietai manifold holes and so on.

Beijing China Tours

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