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Police and fought against the body to recover in 3

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PostPosted: Thu 0:41, 24 Mar 2011    Post subject: Police and fought against the body to recover in 3

Chinese Lunar New Year, he will give me sugar, ah, ah these things meat. see the wanderers long hair, he brought a haircut. case, law and order hundreds of cases against hundreds of people dealing with criminal offenders.

gangster getaway, ran across the road. Gory, Xin Zhou dying two red legs dragging, clutching his chest, adhere to recover the 44 meters, and finally fell to the pool of blood.
Zhou Xin get out of the first knife, but was headlong into a deep left thigh, the second knife, the blood surging, the pain so that Zhou Xinsong open left hand, right hand but still clung to each other: put down the knife! with me to the police station! Knife out again, both legs are still struggling to catch up with Xin Zhou!
knife-wielding man forced Shuaikai a height of 13 cm shorter than his weight 10 kg lighter Zhou Xin, an attempt to run away, but Zhou Xin once again clung to each other's arms,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], for a minute or two minutes ... ... stalemate, the knife-wielding man suddenly break free of the right arm, raised his hunting knife and brutally stabbed in the past!

reporter Tian Wensheng

Although the general, he used blood to write a magnificent life: work Lu Yu knife stabbed four people criminals, he single-handedly jumped, stabbed in fight 3 knives, 44 meters is still bite in hot gangsters until the last drop of blood drip.
2009 年 2 20 March, 30-year-old police station in Chongqing Fuling District Duiren police Zhou Xin plus back office after the class finished, put on civilian clothes ready to go home.
Zhou Xin at the expense of the second day of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Bo immediate instructions,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and personally wrote to Zhou Xin's parents. The letter said: The awe! Chongqing people and deplored the loss of small cycle, the more a small cycle times such proud heroes! , deeds of sacrifice is very moving, with his own blood to defend the lives and safety of the people, he is a good example of the national police ... ... Xin
off the team, there is holding, a large number of taxi drivers spontaneously car parked on the roadside, only to wait for the hero off the moment ... ...

and money to send things to solve their own real-life problems. Community poor households Yuhua Guo, late wife, the family has a sick daughter and young son, there is no source of income, life is very difficult. Zhou Xin understand the situation, the multi-coordination to help Yuhua Guo apply the minimal needs, but also for him to contact a job cleaning the dry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], let him out of the woods.

Truly be said: the grass is growing birds are flying willow, Zhou Xin sent kilometer street; things today pay the price for justice, shine through the ages hanging Fuling.

will come back ... ... the granddaughter of the ear, Did not expect this out

can not imagine, if not the emergence of Xin Zhou, but also what happens.

This is a normal life: head is not high, tall slim, but Chuanshangjingfu to tiger wind.

fatal chase with 44 meters out of the blood spilled all over the trail, the new era of direct witness to the spirit of the people's police.

at the moment, Zhou Xin Chung body outside the blood constantly, repeatedly assured the Bay!

Zhou Xin's high school alma mater - Fuling Experimental High School students to participate in the memorial service, many children tears, they say, Zhou Xin is a

police soon arrived, Zhou Xin was taken to the Fuling District Central Hospital, 20:33, all rescue efforts failed to create miracles, Zhou Xinyong far away.
Zhou Xinning die spare the heroic deeds of evil, caused by the close attention of the community, in many eyes, the police body radiates the glory of the soul to experience the baptism of their own.
the name of Zhou Xin's police, with the life cast of His Funeral team spent more than 1 hour before finish just 7 km away.
2006 年 8 months, Zhou Xin in the investigation, circumstantial evidence of the essential materials. The fact that a lot of circumstantial evidence in front of the suspect has finally admitted his crime.

moment, surveillance video shows, the clock pointing to 20:09.
Zhou Xin sacrifice, his sister, Yi-Ying Zhou entered the public security force, becoming a police officer, inherited her brother's behest. His lifetime where the police room, changed to his name.

This is a short life: there are nearly 10 years of age the police, he just turned 30 years old this year. Township police station to police station from the community. In either, the area people say, he like family, and who has difficulty to help on its own.
half an hour later, the police hiding at home to clean the blood of the suspect Chung Cheng Shao Jie Ao an arrest and seized the knife crime. Shao, 19, unemployed, drug addicts. Day 16, he thinks that the voice of residential natural gas pipeline installed too, to mention a worker stabbed after fleeing to the grandmother at home; after dinner out, a passer sweep at him, he considers hostile to him to hand a knife stab in the passers of the leg; after 500 meters, he was again wounded two innocent bystanders, until police discovered Xin Zhou.
User He is indeed worthy of our respect for a people's JC (police).
newspaper Chongqing April 4 power
pay the price today, meaning things shine through the ages hanging Fuling both sides for a final farewell Xin Zhou, many people even catch a funeral parlor.
Zhou Xin deeply loved his family, the same people have deep feelings.
He opened the taxi door, just entered a foot,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and suddenly heard someone shouting: knife in the street shining coldness irradiation.
2006 年 5 months, Zhou Xin clues left off at any point, from the subtle to begin with the illegal possession of narcotics cracked, seized more than 10 grams of heroin, officers seized two drug couriers and seized drug addicts 1.
Zhou Xin once again grasp the assailants, and the other turned, I heard barking, will pierce the knife deep chest Zhou Xin! 8 cm of the knife pierce the chest, directly off the aorta Zhou Xin.

a situation! Unarmed Zhou Xinli carved off:

But the left is the millions of people respect and memorial hero! Living well! Age of Heroes! The burden on your shoulders, I believe there will be more people for you to share!
44 米 way to survive the police play a contemporary witness
roadside surveillance video recording of all this, now is 20:01.

together in the process of theft during the period, Zhou Xin colitis attack, but he endured the pain and the scorching sun, walk for hours over the mountains to find the witness went to Youyang ... ...

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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