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Beijing Private Tour

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PostPosted: Wed 8:47, 06 Apr 2011    Post subject: Beijing Private Tour

Artisans who gratefully went looking for old carpenter, was not anywhere to be found, this must fulfil the old carpenter who is a carpenter god Lo Pan morale seemed to come to enlighten them and aid them vanquish technical difficulties. The doors of old Beijing Dongzhimen specifically to work timber doors. Yuan Ming and Qing dynasties, a variety of creating the necessary timber, are generally transported through to the Grand Canal in Tongzhou, and then from Dongzhimen to Beijing's.
Dongzhimen Chaoyang old tower shape with the door, merely the norm of smaller, Miankuo five through 1.5 meters broad, into the deep three, 15.3 m deep into the pass; layer with 34-meter-high platform; urn with Xizhimen, corners are always right angles; things for 62 meters, 68 meters north and the south; the south wall of the provision of coupons door, the door on the sluice ground. Hongwu years was built, completion in the orthodox four years. Dongzhimen tower is a two Xieshan Ding dropping eaves three pavilion-style building. Wide as the first floor floor, Room 5, into the deep three. Surrounded by a gallery outside, porch with Ming-chu 24, poles on both sides clutch box. Floor room around, every with a door, the doors, two wooden doors. TRANSACTIONS large indoor and porch floor tiles. Outdoor four weeks the second floor there are galleries, there are apparently porch col 16, column diameter 55 cm, both sides hold boxes, every column and the first floor wall of the poles relative connection. Lang Yan Qing Yan Zhu edge below each one. No two-story wooden pillars inside the walls. 8 indoor Ming-chu, both sides hold box. Indoor surface for the wood floors, outdoor porch floor tiles TRANSACTIONS. Gallery wooden railings in front, side railings outside the mart oppression quartzite stone, the following board hanging Bubble. Xieshan above the second floor dome overhangs. Floor overhangs the dome eaves. The first floor and second floor and the roof of the three nets, bottom-up floor by membrane back. Floor Height about 22 meters.
Gui Jie Dongzhimen is within the snack street in Beijing today. "GUI" refers to an ancient Chinese edible containers ears circular mouth. The last centenary 90's, Double Street suddenly emerged a large hot pot cafeteria management, business booming through the night, Double Street has gradually dignity capital. In the 21st century, regime change Gui Street, spicy food, spicy crawfish turn, spicy crab,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in the capital, causing a "Ma small" hot, to Double Street to dine, "Ma small", Beijing has transform a new vogue for youth people . In the east of the Lama Temple, Dongcheng District, for the 8 temples of the chief. Yuan Yuan Temple was founded in seven years (1347), Ming Zhengtong years (1447) reconstruction, from Imperial College when Lee Min Ji Jiu reconstruction pro essays inscription. Repair is one of the largest in the 5 years of Emperor Kangxi (1713), to commemorate the 60th commemoration of the birthday of Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng emperor by the hereafter Yin Chen individually presided over the restoration, large-scale, unprecedented. Twenty-three years of Qianlong (1758), another Bo Jukuan undergoing upkeep.
Berlin temple faces south, the main building are all built on a north-south axis. House a total of five into the monastery, were from south to north gate, the Heavenly King Hall, round the line both feel Hall, Main Hall and Vimalakirti Court,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the central axis of the east and west sides as the side hall, trim layout of the entire temple strict, all buildings In the high brick building on the platform, looked magnificent. Gate in front of the house stands a high brick shade wall, above a smart carved devise. Main Hall, the main monastery building, the eaves hung a colossal medium horizontal tablet, a letter "Wan Gu Bolin," is handwritten Kangxi title sixty birthday book, inside plastic of the Buddhas of the Ming Dynasty and the seven gold drew wooden sculptures, modeling vivid, lifelike, the East side hall forty years the memories has Kangxi (1707) New York cast a large bronze bell AC Long, 2.6 meters high, carved over the body timer scripture, production quite delicate. Vimalakirti Court in the last part of the monastery, since into a courtyard, the double building, east and west sides built pinion, the hospital several strains of pine and cypress plants, high and straight, leafy, to send a variety of calm here, and secret consciousness.
Berlin temple has preserved the only surviving version of the Dragon Tripitaka, the Buddhist scriptures from the Tang Dynasty, known for the "possession", the dragon refers to the Qing regal Tibetan Buddhism carved on a large sequence, the content impressive, exceedingly rich collection of meta , Ming and Qing dynasties and the Buddhist priests of the outstanding goes, numerous for the history writings do no involve historical data, more upstream from Origins to ascertain the reply here,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this large pond, not only is the study of Buddhist treasures, arguably described as the human intellect the crystallization of the treasure house of Chinese academia. Transcription of this Ryuzo 11 annuals in the Qing Emperor Yongzheng (1733), as in the three years of Qianlong (1738), were 6 annuals age, the edition of 7 million pieces, the writings of more than 7,000 volumes, elected by the licensing system on a nice pear lumber, which sword Xi Lian, font manly side show, for quite little in publish, it has words in the jaws by the version of either the front corner, complete as fashionable, this infrequent version was in 1982, moved by Zhihua Temple saved.
Ningshou overlord full house namely castle in the Forbidden City and the eastern, usually known appearance the Orient House, was originally a castle and 哕 Renshou Luan Ming Palace, site of Palace Feng Jie, Fei was the castle where the aged. Twenty-eight years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1659) rebuilt when the alteration Ningshou Gong, built for the Queen Mother. Thirty years of Qianlong (1771) Emperor Qianlong ascended the emperor for himself ready to step down later 60 years to do overlord expansion Ningshou Gong, the formation of its present size. All the temple and the palace afterward the imitation of the premier three Sannomiya built the system, divided in two parts north and south, the former excellent house for the emperor, Ningshou Gong, and raised north of the gate as the overlord of the internal court, followed by a heave of the house, Le Shoutang, Xi and Xuan, Dong-Chang audio Court, peruse a mansion, Keiju lobby, etc.; West Ningshou Gong famous gardens, known as the Qianlong Garden, Empress Dowager Cixi was living in this house. Ten in the Dongcheng District, 22. Ming and Qing dynasties of cached grain storage.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

magnificent walls tour

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Mon 3:40, 30 May 2011    Post subject:

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Reprinted from alumni of the user at 14:39 on October 28, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: happiness fantasy

This thesis includes four articles
1. teach you how to give birth to a beautiful baby
2. man's life and how to best birth to a son
3. good enough for a lifetime of vitamins ABCD
4. girls, come to save your pelvis】 【!

here, I tell you a secret: women during pregnancy, if there is conscious eating certain foods, growth and development of her unborn baby will play an unexpected subtle role in the deployment of sophisticated scientific diet, can help you avoid weaknesses, out of regret, a bed of roses to help you give birth to a beautiful baby.

diet tips will allow you to have a beautiful baby
; We will prenatal and postnatal care guidelines, one by one to introduce you to the appropriate dietary measures. Partial improvement of the color black

partial black color, some parents, pregnant women can more eat foods rich in vitamin C. Because vitamin C has on the skin melanin interference, which can reduce melanin deposition, gave birth to the baby after delicate skin white and tender.
these vitamin C rich foods are tomatoes, grapes, oranges, cauliflower, melon, onion, garlic, apple, prickly pear, fresh dates other vegetables and fruits, especially in the apple is the best. Apple is rich in vitamins and malic acid, eat to increase hemoglobin, not only make the skin becomes thin white Hongnen, more women of anemia has an excellent tonic effect, is the fruit of choice for pregnant women and parenting.
farewell rough skin
rough skin if the parents, pregnant women should always eat rich Vitamin A in food, because vitamins can protect the skin epithelial cells, so that the future child's delicate skin and shiny. Kind of food such as animal liver, egg yolk milk, Hu carrots, tomatoes and green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and vegetable oil. shiny shiny black hair

foster parents if the hair is white or slightly yellow early,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], off. So, pregnant women can eat more foods containing vitamin B family. Such as lean meat, fish, animal liver, milk, bread, beans, eggs, seaweed, walnut, sesame, corn and green vegetables, these foods can make kids hair improved, not only the thick, black, and shiny gloss.
head if the parents were not high, should eat foods rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D can promote bone growth, prompting the body increased, this effect especially for his baby, the baby is most obvious. Pregnant women should eat more during pregnancy, iodine-rich foods, such as kelp and other marine products, to supplement the needs of the fetus to iodine, to promote the synthesis of fetal thyroid is conducive to a good fetal brain development. Particularly in such foods as the best kelp, kelp are rich in protein, fatty acids and calcium, iron and other trace elements. Not only can eat kelp iodine, but also promote human metabolism, increase body resistance to infection, play a role in brain Bunao.
have good eyesight or vision
myopic Parents often have this concern that their babies genetic eye diseases. In this case of pregnant women can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cod liver oil, Hu carrots, apples and more. In particular in liver vitamin A was the most Hu carrots can also promote the increase of hemoglobin, thereby enhancing the concentration of the blood is nourishing the blood of common people to share.
other pregnant women in the diet during pregnancy should also note the following points in life:
After three months of pregnancy is the fetal brain cells and fat cells \During this period, pregnant women must pay attention to increase the protein, phospholipids, and vitamin intake, eat more dairy, eggs, lean meat, liver, fish, beans, products and vegetables to ensure adequate food supply, soy help intellectual development of the fetus.
calcium and vitamin D intake should be sufficient. Severe calcium deficiency during pregnancy may affect fetal bone, teeth, composition, and may even lead to fetal abnormalities. Note added iron and other trace elements, should eat vegetables, shrimp and so on.
honey for pregnant women, is an excellent health care products, pregnant women often eat honey, not only to complement a variety of nutrients, you can also pass Runzao it, so that pregnant women feel happy and enhance the body's digestion and absorption.
some food is not suitable for pregnant women to eat, such as: raw chilled foods such as bananas, stone flowers, wood and other children; spicy food categories such as: cinnamon, pepper, cloves, pepper; impact of functional foods, such as water chestnut, rabbit meat, fern, large hemp seed and so on.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The men must see, must know the ------- This is the best opportunity to understand your own
childbearing, the continuity of the human event. Previously, people are basically locked in this responsibility upon his wife, but in fact her husband is also a pivotal one, so there are a number of family planning for men to understand the male reproductive knowledge is also very necessary.

reproductive age men have no cap

saying you are familiar with it: Rhapsody a flower, a woman aged tofu. Certainly not comfortable listening to a female friend, but if that reproductive capacity, down really have a point, you have convinced yo. Secret is that women have a strict reproductive clock, if older than 35 years of age or 40 years of age, not only the fertility decline, and fetal birth defects (such as Down's syndrome) will increase the risk, but increases with age, resulting chromosome mutation caused. For over 50 years old, stop menstruation, ovulation stops, and fertility will be missed ironclad facts.

man? Is another kind of \Do not you see life, 90 years old have children or even a hundred news also been reported. Chinese ancient books have long been \Abroad is not uncommon, such as Sweden has a 120-year-old man living, 85 years old remarried, and gave birth to eight children; the former Soviet Union, a known Ahanheer. Buha Virginia farmers, 112 years old married and have children, it is probably the world's reproductive age men Guinness record.

not difficult to understand, men's reproductive life is not capped. A scientific basis for it? Munich, Germany, experts from 60 elderly men aged 89 to 33 years old and 24 young men called the 20 observed objects, their sperm were examined and compared, results showed that the sperm of older men did not aging,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but sperm density (on average 120 million sperm per milliliter) is also higher than young men (average per milliliter of semen is only 078 million) a chip. It appears that with the healthy and strong to describe the old man's fertility is not excessive.

key one: the best men between the ages of childbearing age

35-year-old father of 30 children born to the best. Although men have a lifetime

father's ability, but favorably students point of view, there are still the best age. To sperm quality, for example, although the older men's sperm is not aging, the density is even higher, but activity has decreased significantly but the momentum, fixed number of sperm with abnormal increased by 20% the speed of a sperm metabolism The decline also produced after a lot of metabolic waste, imagine the negative impact on future generations.

In addition, men had a 35-year-old male hormone the body began to decay, its average over one year to the secretion of testosterone decline by 1%. Thus, with a woman, men have reproductive biological clock, but a man's reproductive clock greater flexibility Bale.

male reproductive biological clock according to law, the French geneticist who studies have shown Morrison, aged 30 to 35 year-old father of children born to the best. The reason: a man's sperm quality in 30 years of age reached a peak, and then for 5 years to 35 years of age and, thereafter, the quality declined.

as men age, their eggs, like sperm will only occur as genetic problems, and the ability of the egg fertilization greatly reduced. The older man, the worse the quality of sperm, genetic variation more strokes provoke disaster disease more likely. Have been found so far about 20 different age-related diseases and father. Therefore, men want to be a father, or as soon as possible as well.

key two: six months after quitting smoking too much before birth

cause sperm abnormalities, the same long-term smokers, normal sperm reduction in the number, the average reduction of about 10%. Support those who smoke 21-30 a day, the incidence of abnormal sperm was significantly higher; smoke 30 or more, a higher incidence of abnormal sperm. The longer smoking, the more abnormal sperm, and with the steady decline in the number of normal sperm, sperm motility will be reduced. Colleagues also found that stopping smoking six months after the sperm will be back to normal.

In addition, some people had more than 5,000 pregnant women were analyzed and found her husband more than 10 cigarettes a day smoking, fetal prenatal mortality rate increased significantly; smoking more, the mortality rate will be higher. And her husband smoking women, the proportion of children with birth defects than the husband does not smoke is about 2.5 times higher.

Therefore, family planning, men should stop smoking early, the wife should try to stay away from smoking and the environment.

key three: a drink for three months before birth

semen quality in the recent decline in global problems caused by the world's attention. Many experts believe that some men drinking lifestyle is the result of smoking decreased semen quality, reproductive health, one of the main poor. According to many clinicians introduction, many men seek treatment for problem drinking and smoking did not agree that the proper control of the preparation before birth can be, and ignore this unhealthy way of life stage effects on the body.

studies have found that patients with chronic alcoholism testicular atrophy occurs, resulting in semen quality. Therefore, the drunk by the time the damage to sperm is not able to resume a day or two, if you want to return to the sperm quality before drinking, at least three months. Experts believe that there are male family planning, at least three months after getting drunk, only to let his wife pregnant in order to ensure the health of the fetus.

key four: to son, man to multiple efforts to

According to the Japanese \husband by adjusting the appropriate changes in diet or physical activity and energy consumption, it is possible birth control sex of the child.

results show that: the husband semen was slightly alkaline, the wife more than a boy; a weak acid, the wife more than a girl; neutral, equal chance of a boy or woman. Because if the body has accumulated more acidic, can the boy was born X Y sperm sperm motility than lose a lot more faster, in this case is very rare in children born to a male.

researchers point out that her husband wanted a boy, should stop intense exercise, reduce energy consumption, so that body fluids to maintain alkaline; In addition, some of the daily intake should be more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables, fruit. For a girl, may be appropriate to increase the amount of exercise and regular physical work to do indoors, so that slightly acidic body fluids, and some day you can eat more acidic foods such as rice, fish, meat,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], eggs and so on. Best couples of reproductive age

eugenics depends both men and women, it emphasizes the best combination of couples of reproductive age is most critical. French scientists praise the best age is the optimal combination: women between the ages of 25 to 30, men between the ages of 30 and 35; same time, the couple, preferably with an age difference, that my father than mothers from 6 to 7 years or so.

reasons: physical and mental development of women in this stage of maturity, egg quality, sperm quality is also in peak condition, and quality for 5 years, can be described as perfect match, If the pregnancy fertility, fewer complications, and high labor safety, premature, deformed children, and the lowest incidence of Chi Daier, more children born healthy and intelligent.

recent years, eugenicists have noticed some \Lake, \Chai Clain Nowitzki's father than the mother of a large 18-year-old, Marie Curie's parents also vary as much as 14 years old.

a mystery, although still in exploration, but the two certainly contributed to the age of advantages: more older fathers, intelligence is relatively mature, and transmitted to the next generation \Password \
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
life is good enough vitamin】 【

Eye dryness: Vitamin A, carotene
bad breath: Vitamin B6, zinc
teeth are not strong: Vitamin A, calcium, iron
lips dry and peeling: Vitamin A, B2
anemia,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hands and feet cool: Vitamin B6, folic acid, iron
fatigue, poor energy: lack of vitamin B1, B2, B6
excessive hair loss, dandruff, too: lack of vitamin A, B6, zinc, calcium
brown hair bifurcation: Vitamin E, iron
black eye: Vitamin A, C, E
appear stains, melasma: Vitamin C, E, folic acid
wrinkles appear earlier and more: lack of Vitamin A, C, E, selenium
inelastic skin, dull: Vitamin B1, B2
dry skin, rough pores: Vitamin A, B6, zinc
growth retardation: Vitamin A, B1, B2
poor eyesight, eyes sensitive to light, dry: Vitamin A, B1, B2, selenium
sweating, night sweats: Vitamin D, calcium, iron
purple tongue, mouth rot: Vitamin B3 , B6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
girls, come to save your pelvis】 【! Let your hip bone so that PP becomes smaller way! Boys actually need! Love Rocker his legs have been deformed pelvis Oh! Rocker his legs to stop it!
last night in bed watching \
fact, many of us in real life there was pelvic distortion problem,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and now the young na, love clever his legs, I am also. There are not walking with the correct sitting posture and so on, will lead us to the pelvis deformation. The most serious is that had a child after the pelvic support during pregnancy is a significant, serious distortion, so the birth of a child to become a large butt, and often is the child after birth, mothers will have a series of bm problem, there is now girls are cold hands and feet, cramps or something, related to the pelvis is not correct about. Now you realize the importance of our body pelvis, right!
first half of the set is described in a number of cattle Seoul correction tools, such as some orthotics bandages, body sculpting pants, there are some special cushion and so on. Set is the focus of the second half, brought in a famous chiropractors in Japan, and his mother is Japanese orthopedic specialist, so he gave us a very simple but very effective in several actions, the effect soon see See.
the scene, three female stars, there are two birth to a child of the. Before the test they have measured the temperature, respectively, and hip circumference, then under his guidance, 5 minutes later, almost everyone have reduced the number of hip bone around 2 cm! ! ! And the temperature has increased a lot, then I has done it again, did not compare the amount of my hip bone, but I think my body is hot, has been to the feet, super comfortable! Usually I am the representative of cold hands and feet, have to take a bath before going to bed, still hot into bed to sleep.

start to the main topic: the action is done every day before going to sleep
1. Lying on the floor (the bed was too soft), legs spread, shoulder width, eight feet was placed outside. Hands straight at your sides, relax the whole person. . . Relax. . .
2. Regularly shake your feet and do what we usually say \Then you will feel very relaxed here, the pelvis, this action is probably the way to sit for 1 minute.
3. With our arms, our bodies slightly propped up, hands shoulder width, the body is straight, then only the heel and palm of your hand to the ground. Repeat 2, action, shaking legs, say \Do 10 seconds.
4. Lie flat, feet outside the eight straight, slowly lift and the ground distance of 30 cm, the number of 10 seconds, forced down, repeat 3 times. Then, repeat step 3 above, it is warm, you body begins to feel warm.
5. Like just now lie flat, within eight feet, legs lifted, and the way the ground was 30 °, and then forced another big feet hit the thumb of your second joint (that is, your thumb and foot Bigfoot connection) that joint. Must be forced, although it will hurt, look under knock of 10, down. Then repeat.
6. Finally, the focus here! Or just the position, within eight feet, forced each other off to Bigfoot thumb, within the same time off to try to open eight, from \Thigh must be hard! Then maintain this position, legs lifted and the ground was 30 °, tens of seconds, and then very hard to put down, repeat.
OK, done, very simple!
you may wish to compare the amount of before and after the amount of the circumference of your hip bone is the stomach, protruding sides of the body where two bones, you will feel incredible! ! Of course, this action is only temporarily closed your pelvis, do not do something that will let the pelvis smaller, if sustained for a month, will maintain this size. If you are the kind of unconsciously, people have to toggle his legs, it must do every day to save your pelvis slightly deformed.
tells her to go back up it ~ ~ I wish women were ladies and healthy every day! PS: Do not toggle his legs slightly! Must be overcome! !

tag collection of men women baby health food

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