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large walls tour

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PostPosted: Thu 6:50, 28 Apr 2011    Post subject: large walls tour

Chart Jin Jingling Ruizong tombstone
In the west of the capital also has a bridge, probably as a Yeling bridge and for the traffic out of the city and established the South. That is still the world-famous today were built in the Gold Mingchang three years (1192) of the Marco Polo Bridge. The bridge has been repaired many times, but not entire original, particularly the stigma of lions, a lion had a column, sculptured white marble. Shilan Wang columns, arches Kap Shui beast, stand high, quite spectacular,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the bridge can be collateral ten ride. According to Yuan Dynasty, the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo complimented approximately the bridge and the mini pulchritude. Museum of History this deposit of the Yuan Dynasty, "Lu Yun raft channel map" Marco Polo Bridge's spectacular reproduction of that year.

Hailing the shake, once and for all, Blake apt Fangshan Yunfeng Temple established in the massive cemetery, is Jinling (in this Fangshan District.) A Guda and Wu begging to buy, including the forefather of the emulating twelve, including the Emperor's Zigong re-interment here, and let Wanning County, Bong mounds. Subsequently renamed the Fengxian County, Fangshan County, it was changed to the Yuan Dynasty. Although Jinling Jinyuan (a portrayal generation) on the occasion was devastation, the mausoleum on the structure almost no memories. After the founding of the cultural relics division and unearthed, "Jin Jingling Ruizong tombstone" (see Figure I), stone coffins and Rui Zong Fung Ling part of the carve scenery namely highly pretty, Shinto Diao smokes stone fence on board, stone treads and so on.

Jin also attaches great importance to the rulers of the Han mores, and also involved on the Central Plains civilization, nationalism, such as stone treasures. Jin Taizong days ambition be five years (1127), Golden Army after the demise of the Northern Song Dynasty, occupied Hui and Qin Emperor, Empress, Prince, Princess and the royal tribe Guiqi extra than 3 thousand human, and swept Bianjing Vision and house building and Taiqing Figure Lung To Court membership, treasures and artifacts meantime the North. Including the prominent astronomical instrument like the apparatus, Yang Qi Shi Gu, 9 by the stone, Renzong Seal of acupuncture by stone, stone and additional precious relics set Wu Lanting. Apart from a few of these relics lost in transit, but were later placed in Yanjing. Such as "Spring Can Bei stone", "Book of Rites Canbei stone", was set south of Gold Yanjing
Sub-study, the Ming Dynasty have been eroded away log finish, clear carry when the record no longer exists. "Acupuncture at the stone," also after the detriment. After the founding of the Ming Dynasty city wall in the removal of the project, filling in the walls, he also found some of the stone, a aggregate of 7 stone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], exercises had been embedded in the cultural relics department. Yang Qi Shi Gu, the stone drum, as found in Qishan of Tang Yang labeled. The era of outstanding savants Ju Song, in short, it is matter for the pre-Qin. Jin was then the Kaifeng, chariot to the capital, reflected in its gold  NB123  words, to understand because your property. As was not given deserving attention, lost in the taint in grass Levin. Dade by the end of the terminal factor (1307) as Professor Yu Ji Tai Hing Government found namely when the massacre proposal to mobilize their forces to the cart by ten countries set out in the Yuan Dynasty baby study about Great Wall beneath the door of the five.
This is regarded as the citizen treasures truly protected. Subsequently, Shek Kwu appending to being transported in the combat kept outside the Southwest, has no left Beijing, the existing National Palace Museum. In recent decades, with the archaeological work, the Beijing place have also base a digit of important gold on behalf of the stone. Fangshan County, Stone Village Unearthed for the gold, "Yang Ying Shinto memorial," unearthed in Fengtai District, "Lu Zheng Tomb", Tongzhou District, unearthed "Li Tuan Epitaph", Pinggu unearthed "giant framework Epitaph", Xicheng District Fuchengmen unearthed outside the "anti-crime mantra Dong Xiang stone", Fengtai District unearthed "Ukraine on the lair of antique epitaphs," "On the Yuan Zhong Wu antique Epitaph" and "Big Lu Princess Epitaph" and the monument and so on.

Compared with the Liao and Jin Dynasty, the land area has approached a historical highest, the real unification of China, ending a north-south division of the position. Mongol Yuan Dynasty potentates are the mars of the incipient in the northeast of the chief to build large. These have endowed to the evolution of the chief stone. Metro chose sorghum river, the palace has been beyond improved water sources. Quantity to transport the wood and stone, chisel Chrysostom and heavy gates, leading to Cao Lu Xishan wood and stone water aisle. Contribution of the later Yuan Dynasty is the largest city avenues and vicinities, Lane system, narrows and courtyards,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there are many still maintain the original pattern, yet also a large number of self-preservation since the Yuan Dynasty stone carving surviving chips, such as Shihfang value Shihmen stone block, mounting stone, stone sedan seat, coiling stone pier, Shuanma piles, stone pills, stone canopy closure, walls stone carving thighs. 

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Wed 8:28, 25 May 2011    Post subject:

After reading sad. - Qzone log

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39475929 2007 年 02 月 10 日 21:06 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary
children The little boy very poor family, food,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rice is often not enough to eat, his mother took the bowl of rice to feed their children. Said the mother, children, eat fast, I'm not hungry! - Spreading the mother first lie.
boy body a long time, hard-working mothers used the time to rest Sunday in the county in rural countryside, fishing some rivers to fish for children calcium supplements. Good to eat fish soup is very fresh. Children are eating fish, the mother is on the side eating fish bones, tongue licking the fish marinated meat on the bones. Feel bad boy, put his bowl of fish bowl folder to the mothers, mothers eating fish. Mothers do not eat, the mother also use chopsticks to fish folder back to the boy's bowl. Said the mother, child, eat fast, I do not like fish! - Spreading the mother of the second lie.
the junior high school boys and Gejie enough to pay tuition fees when the mother went to work sewing collar neighborhood home to some matchbox, paste in the evening Zhengdian cents up at home. One winter, the boys wake up at night, saw his mother bent body in the lamp under the matchbox paste. Said the boy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his mother, sleep it, you would also like to go to work tomorrow morning. Mother smiled and said, children, sleep fast,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I'm not sleepy! - Spreading the mother of the third lie.
college entrance examination, the mother took leave of absence every day to stand entrance test sites for the college entrance examination the boy back. Every summer, the sun head, stubborn mother, the next stop in the scorching sun for several hours. Examination of the end bell, and mother to meet her and handed a cup of canned good bottle of bubbles urged children to drink tea, tea is also strong, feeling stronger. Looking at the mother of chapped lips and the sweat haired boy cans bottles will be in the hands of anti-handed in the past invited the mother to drink. Said the mother, child, quick drink, I thirst! - Spreading the mother of a fourth lie.
after the death of his father, mother Dangdie and when the mother, relying on their own sewing agency that point, pull put up with hardships of low income children, for their study, life miserable. Alley crossing wire rod repair table Li Shushu know, big and small to fight back the fork to find help, moving coal, fetching water and pick, to send more money and grain to help pay for the boy's home. People of non-vegetation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ruthless Practice makes perfect. Neighbors saw this in mind, tried to persuade mothers remarry, why should his suffering. However, over the years but Shoushenruyu mother, never marry, others Zaiquan, categorically refuse to listen to mother, mother, I do not love! - Spreading the mother of the fifth lie.
boys and her Gejie graduated from university to work, the mother of a post on the nearby farmers market stalls were living. Body of work in the field of children often aware that after sending money back subsidies for mothers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mothers do not resolutely, and the money back. Mother said, I have money! - Spreading the mother of a sixth lie.
school to teach for two years after the United States obtain a doctorate at a prestigious university after graduation to stay in the United States a scientific research institutions, treatment of a very rich, good condition, in a foreign mother wants to take the boy the elderly to enjoy Qing Fu has been rejected. Mother said, I used to! - Spreading the mother of a seventh lie.
age, the mother suffering from cancer, was admitted to the hospital, the boy across the Atlantic by plane to come back, after the mother was dying. Old mother, looked to be a very tough battle the disease afflicted mother, the boy grief, and tears. Said his mother, do not cry, I hurt. - Spreading the mother of the eighth lie.
finished, in the \
In fact, we take for granted in life, true lies can often be cast into the abyss of suffering to the people, and sometimes a white lie was able to birth out of the world's most beautiful flowers.
However, in my opinion: I'm Ye Hao, fake right; love or hate right; life or death Ye Hao, whether the parent is the mother, and some non-spreading not lie still!

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